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What is the mnemonic device to remember moon phases?

Timothy Norman

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Jeremy Wood on July 23, 2018

If you mean what order they happen in, DOC is a good graphical representation of the light portion (first the right side is lit and the left side is dark, then the whole thing is lit during the full moon, then the left side lights up and the right side is dark, after the new moon and it starts over again). If you mean the words (waxing, waning, crescent, half moon, etc) then, as I know that you only have to remember. add . and remember, the crescent moon and the quarters have the portions in light/shade reversed as seen from the Southern Hemisphere. Still the same mountains and mare lit, only that now appear on the left instead of the right. The best way to remember the names of the phases is to understand the terms: . waxing means increasing (not smearing grease on your car LOL) . waning means decreasing . quarter means 1/4 - remember that 1/2 of the moon is always invisible to us, because it is on the other side! Quarter moon is what we see as the half of a circle . the half moon is the shape of a sickle or a sideways smile And then you just have to memorize the weird word green, which is a word that refers to the moon when it is in that stage between half-way full and full, or between half-way full and quarter full. The phases in order from new all the way around are: . The new Moon - the whole side of the moon is in the shadow . Luna - moving toward the quarter moon . First Quarter Moon - the half circle to the left as you look at it in the light of the sun . Waxing gibbous movement toward the Full moon . Full moon - the whole side of the moon is the light of the sun . Waning moon moving toward the other room of moon . Third Quarter Moon - the half circle on the right as you look at it in the light of the sun (remember that in the SECOND quarter of the moon would be FULL!) . Waning crescent - moving toward the new moon . New moon again! I've also put a nifty link below to show this as a table with photos! Let's see if we can come up with a mnemonic for these words: We have: N, WxC, 1QM, WxG, FM, WnG, 3QM, WnC, N Which is a long, complicated! My preference would be still to learn what they really want to say the terms in a way that makes sense, but let's give the Silly Sentence a try: This will be a dialogue between a family the day before an exam! "Ned, Wax the Car" "First Quiz Me" "Wax Grand-Am!" "Me First!" "Wax New Grand-Am!!" "THEN (Three) Quiz Me?" "When the Car is good!"

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