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What is the main responsibility of a party organization

Megan Page

in Social studies

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1 answer

Blair Lewis on September 2, 2018

The organization of the party is the social composition of the political party, and its members are responsible for the party organization behavior and the control of the party candidates. It is a vital part of any strong party, because he carries the majority of the reliability for the creation and sustenance of the party "brand".The political parties in the united States has several responsibility.In the first place, the Recruitment of candidates for the office of government is one of the most important duties that the political parties have. In the second place, the important objective of the political parties to obtain the authority of management and, to this end, the parties must work to recruit and strengthen the candidate for all elected offices. In the third place, the Political parties also try to gather volunteers to help in the registration of voters, as well as to coordinate and run the day of the vote.

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