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What is the ISA study abroad?

I would like to find out about the ISA study abroad. My friends are always talking about it, but I don’t really know what it is all about. What exactly does it mean? I have been desiring to join programs abroad for a long time. Is this one of them? Does it have summer study abroad programs as that is what I would like to pursue. How useful is this ISA thing anyway? I would like to know if there is any substance behind my friends’ endless excitement, about this purported program.

Annie Barnes

in Study Abroad

1 answer

1 answer

Jennifer Patterson on June 4, 2018

Your friends definitely have a reason to be excited. ISA is the short form of International Studies Abroad. The study abroad ISA programs are designed to assist students who wish to pursue their education in another country. The studies can be short-term programs, like summer studies, or long-term, like complete degree courses. The ISA website offers a wide variety of options for learners who wish to pursue such study programs in another country. The choices below are available.

  • There is a wide variety of countries to choose from. They are located in Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America. So they are located practically everywhere in the world. Each country has its own official language and culture, which are learned along with the study program abroad. This enables students to be functionally literate in a corner of that world far from their own country.
  • The site enables you to choose the learning institution you would like to join in the foreign country. It gives you information on the requirements to travel to that country, and to qualify for the institution. It also gives you information on accommodation and travel arrangements. An applicant will typically need a place to stay while pursuing his studies. It is important to get prior information on where such accommodation is available and what it costs. Traveling will also be inevitable, so it is important to know the means of transport available and the cost of each.
  • Where visas and other travel documents are required, the site has sufficient information on these for each country. They explain what you need to get the documents and all the costs involved. They also explain the application process and how long it takes. It is useful to know all these prior to your travel date so that you can be prepared on time.
  • On the site, you will also find out all you need to know about summer study programs abroad. There are many institutions that offer these programs to cater for interested students like you. You will select from the many offers to pick what you think is best. Summer programs should typically be close or related to what you are studying in college. That way you will able to add value to what you are currently learning. It would be a waste to concentrate on something completely different and gain little development. 


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