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What is the importance of these many teachers conventions?

A simple internet search with the words “teachers conventions” will provide you with several results of upcoming events for teachers in virtually every state. This large number of events for teachers has prompted me to seek information on their importance. I need to know if one should attend each one of these events or if someone can afford to miss them.

For instance, there are already too many teachers’ conventions 2018. What is the significance of having these many gatherings for teachers in each state?

Please help me understand. Thank you!

Amanda Johnson

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1 answer

Ralph Lopez on June 14, 2018

Such an interesting question this one is. It is true that there are many teachers’ conventions.  But, I want to tell you something; these events are held because there is a demand for them. I assure you that the “large” number of conventions you see on the internet may not even be enough to cater to the many needs of our teachers.

These events are often planned and organized after getting feedback from teachers. Numerous surveys are done before such functions are initiated. For instance, before the many conventions of 2018 were introduced, there must have been demand for them from teachers across the country.

Now let’s go to the importance of these conventions. These events bring an array of benefits to teachers and other education stakeholders. These include:

  • Professional Development Programs

These refer to various training and educative sessions that teachers attend to learn about the latest developments in their profession.

Attending these conventions will help teachers to learn about various courses they can take to stay abreast of the new developments in teaching. In some cases, professional development is provided to teachers during the functions through workshops, seminar, pre-conference meetings, and so on.

Teachers also learn about multiple online development programs they should be on the lookout for to ensure that they offer the best services to their students.

  • New Knowledge

During these occasions, teachers get introduced to new technologies, ideas, tips, policies, and strategies. This further information aims to help teachers get better at their profession thus ensuring you, your kids, and my kids get the most from the education system.

These conventions usually see the launch of various educational devices, curriculums, books, and other educational resources.

  • Expos

If you attend any upcoming event for teachers, you are likely to see several exhibitions. Stands are set up at various points of the convention venue. These stands showcase multiple opportunities, products, and services that teachers can utilize to get better at their practice.

Some of the things being showcased can find their way to the classroom. These products can enrich both the teaching and learning experience.

  • Networking

Conventions provide teachers with a chance to network. Many people attend these events. Teachers get to meet their counterparts from other school districts, schools, states, and even countries. By interacting with one another, they form lasting connections that can help them for a lifetime.

These are some few of the benefits of attending the conventions for now. 

Craig Stewart2 years ago

This answer highlights a few of the many benefits of teachers’ conventions. In addition to these, conferences help teachers to:

  • Exchange ideas

As mentioned above, these gatherings usually record high attendances. Thus, teachers get to interact with other teachers, conventions partners, and sponsors. By interacting with others, teachers get to exchange ideas, views, thoughts, and experiences in as much as their professions are concerned.

The conventions usually have discussion and speaker sessions. These are the times when people also get to air their views on various issues thus providing their opinions on different matters.

  • Value Addition

A teacher who attends a convention does not come out of the event the same. He/ she will learn new skills, gains new knowledge, attributes, and capabilities. These things add value to him/ her thus making the individual a better version of them. In turn, this helps to improve their performance in their teaching profession. 

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