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What is the importance of the student finance helpline?

I believe that the importance of a finance helpline is to answer all the queries that relate to finances in an institution. It is a question of concern; I feel that as a student, I have not seen its significance relating to student financial aid services. Sometimes you have to incur a lot of resources to find information about funding for college students when it is possible to get it through a call. I feel that we need a comprehensive way that addresses student emergency fund to help us understand the importance of the students finance helpline.

Theresa Perry

in Student Loans

2 answers

2 answers

bestdissertationhelps on September 26, 2018

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Kevin Sutter on September 21, 2018

I feel that you are experiencing some challenges concerning the student's finance helpline. To address the question that you have raised, it is essential to take into account that every establishment has its flaws. Sometimes you may miss getting the assistance that you highly regard. It means that you will incur more cost to find what you are seeking. I feel sorry for you and other students who have had challenges while using the service to sort or seek information to help them address some financial crisis. You could have believed that the finance helpline will solve your problems and it did not good as expected, it happens even in other departments. The most important thing is to find the best alternative that may assist. I believe that other avenues are provided to help students get the assistance they need. Sometimes it is due to lack of information that we fail to recognize what has been made available other than what we know.

At times, the helplines are busy because of traffic; you can find more information on funding for college student on the website. Many websites have provisions that allow you to interact with the support staff and ask any question that you want to know. Many students rely on helplines because they feel that it is the most convenient avenue. It is, but you can also get more information on the email. It is one of the communication ways that you can rely on to get information from the funding establishments. Student’s financial aids services have various communication avenues that allow students to access important information concerning their services. However, many learners find helplines to be the most convenient way. When I was a student, a phone call was the basic form of communication to get a quick response. In most cases, students do not do things in advance; they take time before finding the relevant information that relates to students funding. Just like in our time, they wait until the last minute and want a quick response through a phone call. When it fails due to traffic or any other technical hitch, it becomes a problem. As a student, always prepare in advance in anything that will ensure you have extra time in case of any eventuality. Actualizing the student’s emergency funds also requires some time; being organized will help you provide the relevant information and get feedback in time regardless of the communication method used.

Kayla Bowen2 years ago

It is important to note that you can use other communication avenues 24/7 while a helpline is specified to a particular hours. I have seen many students trying to seek help at odd hours without merit and blame the helpline services. I am one of the students who used to call past the working hours because of the busy schedule during the normal working hours. If you have to rely on the student finance helpline as a way of getting the information, then you have to be sure of the working hours. Since I got the information, I have found assistance in all my dealings. Thank you for the information you have provided. It is useful for many students who have had challenges with the mode of communication relating to students finance help. I am sure that from today they will also have a better understanding of the finance helpline. 

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