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What is the importance of the NASPA annual conference?

I know several annual conferences that focus on empowering students. I have managed to attend various events that have transformed my life. I recently heard about the NASPA conference from a colleague in school. Unfortunately, I did not manage to attend it because it was my first time to hear about it. I do not have much information concerning its agendas. I would like to know the focus of NASPA 2018 so that I may consider attending the next NASPA conferences. Can anyone with the information tell me about the importance of the NASPA annual conference?

James Washington

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1 answer

Daniel King on June 22, 2018

Since you have little information about NASPA conferences, it is essential to give you brief information about what it is and tell about the benefits of the conference to students and all who attend it. Many individuals believe that the conference is all about students. However, that is not true. It is open to all individuals who may consider joining through registration.  The prices are affordable for all people who want to be participants. Since many organizations understand that many students do not have a stable income where they can find some finances, they make their registration affordable. This has made many people believe that the focus is only on students. It is a gathering of students from all over the world.  It is the largest event with over 70,000 educators.

2018 NASPA conference was based on closing the achievement gap, learner’s success in the conference focused on effective tactics to support learners who go through difficulties to complete their studies. The conference elaborated on student factors that can increase the chances of success after their course completion. There, you can learn about the struggles students go through in their studies and develop mechanisms to reduce the pressure.  With the involvement, you help students from various regions complete their degrees. You also recognize the role of new technology in serving low-income students.

You can learn from the past NASPA annual conferences, each conference has a theme that may suit you in your quest to help students in their studies as you plan to attend the next conference. It provides incredible opportunities to interact with professionals in student affairs. I attended this year’s annual conference-NASPA, it was excellent. I am looking forward to the next conference. The sessions were valuable with relevant discussions on how to balance identity while serving students in political, societal and campus environments. I also got an opportunity to connect with friends, it provides networking. Attending such conferences is not in vain. I believe the information you have found is helpful in learning about NASPA. You can consider being among the players and helping many unfortunate students. It is not only for their good. But you will get many benefits when you attend in person.


Larry Warren2 years ago

I have never known about the NASPA conference. It is my first time to hear about it. The information you have provided has allowed me to create a mental picture of the event. I am sure it is one of the greatest events that focus on student success. I am thrilled to know that there are individuals who spend their time sharing the plight that unfortunate students go through. I know what it means to be lack a person to support you. I also understand the joy of finding help in your desperate situation. You have provided amazing information. It led me to search more about the past NASPA conferences and I am looking forward to attending the next years’ gathering. Thank you for your answer about this conference. It is worth investing your money and time.   

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