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What is the importance of taking a personality test?

In the years after college, I have often had to take a personality test for employment. I eventually got a good job in a trading company. I have now worked in the company for about two years and I believe I am efficient in my job.

In applying for a promotion, which I am now eligible for, I will do another psychology personality test. Why is taking a personality test so necessary in the job market? To help me prepare, where can I get the best personality test online for practice?

Ashley Howard

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1 answer

Donald Ward on February 27, 2018

Psychological personality testing is important in improving the performance of a business. Personalities are descriptions of people beyond what we see at face value. These tests help employers to:

  • Lower the company’s risk: every business strives to reduce their risks and increase their profit margins. Therefore, personality traits such as diligence and timeliness are important to employers. A recruiter has the responsibility of assessing the attributes of an employee in relation with the risk or benefit to the company.
  • Assess a potential employee’s ability to work with others: an efficient workforce is one that is able to work together cohesively. Therefore, employers find it important to assess a potential recruit’s personality during an interview. Different complimenting attributes are required to create a harmonious working environment.
  • Hire likeable employees: any employer would go for an employee that is likeable and tolerable. The employer already understands his or her workforce and therefore will predict the attitude and perception about the new by the others employees.
  • Improve customer satisfaction: employers will always try to hire employees they think their customers will like. It is safe to say that personality tests for employment in most fields are both inherent and here to stay.

Who should take personality tests?

  • People who want help selecting a career or profession: personal attributes help students select courses in college or anyone starting on job application, to know what suits them.
  • People who would like to know their strengths and limitations: it is important to know where you are good at as well as areas that you would deem yourself as being weak.
  • Job seekers who would like to make their resumes more appealing: these tests enrich a job seekers CV. Therefore, you can do these tests even when they are not mandatory and add them to your resume.

Some of the best personality tests online are:

Myer-Briggs Type Indicator

It is the most common test that is tried by millions of people every year. It categories a person to one of 16 different types of personalities based on preferences and feelings. It helps candidates know which careers best suit them. This test derives your score based on four different indices that looks at how you respond to situation.

The Big Five-Personality Test

As the name suggests, this test uses five indicators that test: openness, neuroticism, conscientiousness, extraversion and agreeableness. This test is free and takes less than 20 minutes.

Leigh Mann2 years ago

The value of personality tests cannot be overstated. In education, employment or social life, knowing who you are is very important. Apart from what has already been mention, an employer may use these test to:

  • Assess a prospective employee’s desire to excel. A person’s attributes and values can help an employer to determine the job candidate’s drive for success. A self-driven employee delivers greater output and has fewer grievances.
  • Predict an employee’s potential in the organization. Certain personality types such as ambition, fast-learner show that a person can be of greater value to the organization in the future. A recruiter’s task is to identify job candidates that are likely to improve.
  • Determine an employee’s suitability for a role: these tests can act as justification for the appointment of a candidate to a specific role. For example, a person with strong leadership qualities can lead other staff members on a project.

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