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What is the importance of schools news in the society?

Various platforms on social media display consistently fascinating school news concerning the education systems in the world today. The education news today goes a long way to the ears of parents, friends, sponsors, and other stakeholders in the community. It is disturbing to hear intriguing higher ed news questioning the overall education system and its relevance in helping the students achieve personal goals. While k-12 education news or fox student news is relayed consistently to the public, the fundamental questions remain, is it important? And to whom is it important?

Frank Nichols

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1 answer

Chelsea Hayes on January 12, 2018

My response to this essential question is positive. I believe it is important for the society to be informed concerning what is happening in the education system through news about the schools. With the increasing rate of differential ambitions students, teachers and parents have concerning education, news on k-12 education design and related outcomes is important to the society a great deal. First, I am certain education news informs parents of their children’s behavior and provide relevant assistance as soon as they can. I can attest to this due to the experiences in the life of my daughter. Having enrolled her in a renowned college in the USA, I knew little about her engagements because she moved to a new locality. However, through CNN news about their school, I was able to know about several issues she could be involved in at the school. All these were clear to me after I followed up the issue only to realize how she was attached to a particular group of young people with fascinating behaviors. If I had not heard about the incident on CNN, maybe I would not have helped my child. Therefore, I believe news about schools can be very crucial to every parent who has a child in an institution somewhere.

Since the education system is the essential segment of every nation, any news on education can be harnessed for the good of the community. Many people across the world seek for reliable information concerning education and related concepts. Before I found a suitable college for my daughter, I sought relevant statistics and comprehensive information. Luckily, the social media had varied news on higher ed, which I relied on to make an appropriate selection. Similarly, parents in the community where I lived like hearing news on students. I can confirm that such information is very significant. It is important to know the news relayed on social media platforms is not only important to parents like me but also to students. Having many students who depended on my advice for their decision concerning studies and job opportunities after school, I should admit that fox news on students played a vital role in guiding me. I have also seen organizations and governmental agencies provide relevant aid in the educational sector due to information they derived from news feeds. The lesson you should draw here is that the importance of news on schools is not debatable. It is certain that the kindergarten and grade school news is paramount.

Kyle Mckinney2 years ago

I agree with the response and argument on the importance of schools news. Identifying the occurrences of education institutions through the news on the k-12 education system in America is one sure way our society has combined efforts to help our students to move in the right direction. However, while relying on the news is crucial, it is wise to realize that news people cannot capture all events in schools. Since both the captured and non-captured incidences are paramount, stakeholders need to be involved further in the educational system to understand the core issues that should be addressed to take education system in America and the parts of the world efficient. Teachers being the immediate professionals who can help, they need empowerment to ensure all students receive appropriate assistance depending on their experiences. Enhanced parenting would also be the other suitable solution to issues stemming from schools and colleges.

Craig Stewarta year ago

I think that it’s good to have schools news on social media platforms. Education is a very important topic for every country and everything that affects it positively, as well as negatively, should be informed through social media. Additionally, it is a good way to attract the interest of more people to improve the education system. Teachers, students, parents, they all can be interested to hear fox student news or any other news related to education. But since the quality of education affects the whole community, all of its members may be interested to hear local education news.  

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