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What is the importance of school ratings by state?

As a parent, I am attracted to best public schools. This is because I believe that my child is likely to excel in academics and get good grades when he goes to a school whose students produce good scores. However, I have my reservations about school ratings by state. I think that it is discriminatory, and can promote unnecessary competition from schools. Educators may use unethical methods of teaching so that their students perform well and their institution is ranked high in a school comparison tool used by the state. Therefore, I am interested to know if the grade my school policies are important, or states should do away with them. I need someone to convince me that school ranks by state are important.         

Naomi Doyle

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1 answer

Kevin Sutter on March 12, 2018

School ratings by state are very important. You are likely to know the best public schools by looking at the school ranks compiled by states. Obviously, you will not want to take your child to a school that has poor test scores. This is because the quality of his education may be compromised. However, there are a number of factors that are responsible for the performance of a child, which are: access to resources, support from parents and teachers, and the attitude of a child towards school. On this note, it is not a guarantee that taking your child to a high ranking school will contribute to his academic achievement. Nonetheless, parents use the school comparison tool to choose the public schools that are the best.                                       

Moreover, the results of school ranking by states are also used by business organizations. Most enterprises prefer to set up shop or their business operations in states that have quality education. This is because they are guaranteed of finding skilled labor; they can use to build their operations. These business organizations will rely on tools for school comparison to identify such states. These business organizations will look at the test scores achieved by top schools in various states, for purposes of finding out the states that have the best education system in America. It is in such states, that they will invest their business operations. On this basis, the grade my school policy is important, because it will help to identify the level of education system in a state. However, business organizations do not only rely on test scores alone to gauge the quality of education in states. They also look at the overall performance of the primary and secondary schooling in states. For example, these organizations may decide to look at my school grades to determine the performance of my school at the school district, and compares it with the performance of other schools, to know the quality of education offered in the district.                 

Moreover, the school ranking system provides important information to education policy formulators, and they can use the information collected to improve the quality of schools in their states. For instance, these ranking contains information about a teacher to student ratio. Policy formulators can use this information to identify areas where there is shortage of teachers, and come up with measures of filling in the shortages. Other issues that are identified in these rankings are the quality of teachers, student diversity, etc. This information is very important for policy formulators.    

Finally, as a parent, state school ratings will help you identify the best school you can take your child. However, these rankings are also beneficial to entrepreneurs and education policy formulators.            

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