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What is the importance of physical education articles?

I am one of those people who grew up knowing that information is power and as a result I tend to read everything that comes my way. In the process of my reading I have come across many informative articles on different topics, but physical education articles have stood out for me. Initially, I thought hard about the importance of reading physical education content. To date, I have not really understood the significance of it, especially given the fact that the subject itself is literally physical. To me I would rather read the general online education articles and other schools news related articles. However, since I know I will be coming across these articles over and over again, I seek to understand the importance of these articles.

Whitney Matthews

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1 answer

Kaitlin Dean on January 22, 2018

Physical education has now become my daily routine for 17 years now. When I
joined college, I decided to take Physical education as my major. This was motivated by my interest in sports and desired body fitness. As the days went by, I started writing content to educate the public on this very important aspect of life. Articles on Physical education are as important as money, finance, health, to mention but a few topics.

To begin with, physical education in itself is part of the bigger wholesome education for any student. This means that online articles on education cannot be complete without having those on Physical education. My belief is that, yes, a student may have subject preference in school, but in real sense, there is no subject that is better than the other. That is why we have all these subjects as part of the learning content in our schools. Therefore, these articles are as important as Science or Mathematics articles and should not be sidelined.

In my view, Physical education is a very important subject on its own, as it helps us on how to keep our bodies in good shape and state. As a result, online content on the subject becomes as important. What these articles offer us is not just information, but health. These articles are always advocating for healthy living and how to ensure that we keep our bodies and health in check. To me this is more important than any other content online. Without a good and healthy body, you cannot be able to do all the other things. In the schools that I tutor the subject, I advise the administration to always include something on the subject in the routine news of the school, this helps the whole school understand the importance of the subject.

In addition, physical education is a fun subject. Unlike other subjects, this particular one is active and is a living subject. The words can easily be converted into mental images, as they are actual activities. This makes it fun and enjoyable to read. The mind itself can relate to the content being fed to it. Hence, there is harmony between the words and the mental images formed making it fun to read. From a professional point of view, it is hard to be regular on physical exercises but continuous reading of content on the subject helps push our minds and bodies towards yearning to getting active more physically, which translates to healthy living.

Kayla Bowena year ago

I have to admit that, Physical education content is not given much emphasis in the school news as other subjects. This is contrary to my understanding that actually in the school set-up, all subjects should be treated equally. One thing I have realized is that very minimal Physical content is forwarded for publishing. As a result, I have taken up the responsibility to advocate for Physical education within and out of school by generating more content on the subject. With the help of my friend who is an expert in Internet use, I am using social media to reach more people in the world with my online education content, which has been successful so far. The good thing is that I can actually incorporate videos and tutorials to the articles, making them more appealing.

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