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What is the importance of motivation in the workplace?

Workplace motivation is a concept that is gaining popularity amongst the managers of business and non-business organizations. However, I still fail to understand why motivation in the workplace is important. My point of the dilemma is due to the emergence of a number of theories that seek to explain why an organization should motivate its employees. One of them is Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs theory, which seeks to explain the notion of motivation through the various needs that people have.  From this theory, people are motivated through different things when they move up the social ladder.                  

The Herzberg Two Factor theory departs from this principle and asserts that there are two factors that can motivate an employee: motivators and hygiene factors. Other theories that explain the importance of motivation are the Hawthorne effect and the expectancy theory. These theories provide different explanations on the notion of motivation and why it is important. On this basis, I am seeking motivation help, so that I may understand its importance and the confusion that arises out of the many theories that are talking about motivation. Any person who can act as a teacher motivation expert can answer my question.     

Whitney Matthews

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1 answer

Bethany Evans on February 15, 2018

Motivation in the workplace is important for any organization that wants to achieve a competitive advantage over its rivals. Note that, motivating the employees of your business organization is vital to its success. One of the reasons that make workplace motivation vital for business organizations is because motivated employees are innovative and productive. It is a fact that without innovation, an organization may fail to achieve its objectives. A good example of a company with highly innovative and productive employees is Google. This is a company that is known to have some of the best motivational policies, and this has helped the company to be innovative in the services and products it offers. Services such as Gmail and Google Suggest were developed by innovated and productive members of Google staff.    

Note that before seeking motivation help for your business organization, you need to understand the various factors and issues that motivate your employees. Theories of motivation can be used to help you understand the issues and factors that motivate your employees. For instance, under the hierarchy of needs theory, you are able to understand some of the factors that motivate employees when they move up on the social ladder. The same is applicable to other theories of motivation, such as the Herzberg Two Factor Theory, the Expectancy Theory, etc.

Any person who seeks to help motivate your employees will tell you that it is only after the identification of what motivates your employees, that you can begin coming up with employee motivation strategies. You will understand what factors are responsible for driving your employees to their peak performance, and such information will help you retain some of your best employees, and increase their productivity. Any motivation teacher will tell you that a policy that does not touch on issues that can drive and increase the performance of employees cannot form effective motivational policies.          

As a teacher motivation expert, I can tell you not all employees are motivated by the same thing. That’s why there are many theories of motivation, and each has its own concept of defining motivation, and the factors that motivate employees. However, you need to focus on developing a list of issues, and things that you think can motivate most of your employees, and introduce them to your organization. Some of the things you can include in your motivational policies are monetary incentives, recognitory awards, creating an office environment that is relaxed, etc.      

Finally, a full implementation of motivational programs to your workplace will guarantee you a productive staff, and this is vital to the success of your business organization.    

Kyle Mckinneya year ago

Motivation in the workplace is crucial to any business. A persuaded staff implies an exceptionally profitable work and enable you to accomplish your business objectives. Also, this ought to be a primary goal in your strategy for success. I think inspiration is fundamental to keep up good work since it's one of the essential driving components behind a staff that is. To develop workplace motivation it’s pivotal to pay attention to the needs of people and try set goals for them. 

Jessie Thompsona year ago

The manner in which you answer the importance of motivation in the workplace is great. One of the main reasons and purposes of motivational policies is to improve the productiveness of employees and make them innovative. Without productive employees, it is difficult for a business organization to achieve success or a competitive advantage over its rivals.

This is why companies are concerned with the type of employee motivation programs they enact. Poor motivational policies will definitely demotivate your employees, and you risk losing some of the best workers in your company.     

Moreover, you also talked about theories and their importance in helping a person to understand the factors that can motivate employees. Most theories of motivation only provide guidance on the factors that may motivate your employees. For instance, the two-factor theory identifies the hygiene factors and the motivators. From this theoretical principle, the motivators are factors that play a role in motivating your employee. Examples include a good workplace, opportunities for vacation, etc.  

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