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What is the importance of education?

My views about the importance of education have never been so uncertain. A friend of mine recently started saying that education is not important. At first, I didn’t give so much attention to what he was saying. But after some time I have really found myself asking the same question. Someone tell me what has happened to education today. Is it all irrelevant and unimportant as some people are portraying it to be? Do we still have valued education today? I don’t want to lose the psych to continue with education. Tell me why is education so important as some people claim?

Frank Nichols

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1 answer

1 answer

Ramon Kelly on January 2, 2018

It is so unfortunate that you have let the thought about the uselessness of education enter your mind. However, I am happy that you have decided to search for help before making your final decision. Education’s importance is great, and you should not let anyone divert you to believe otherwise. It is very unfortunate that so many people have been made to believe that technology can take over jobs from humans. To some extent that is true but then it is also not. It is important to note that technology is a product of human effort, in this case, education. If a technology is not working, it cannot repair itself, someone with the right knowledge must be there. In addition, humans also play an important role in running these machines. Therefore, education will continue to play an important role even in the future as it is only through it that one can advance a given technology.

Just as times have changed, so has the human needs and the methods used to satisfy such needs. Today’s education may be different from the previous one in how it is conducted but remains the same in as far as its purpose is concerned. Traditional education is no different from the current one especially on the changes it brought to the society. It is through education that human life has been enhanced. And as they say, necessity has played a major role here. Some of the needs of the previous generations are not our needs. The education we have today is different due to the existing technology and the change in need as a result of this technology too. We have value education since what we are taught in school is enough to make us continue being productive in the society and help in advancing the existing technology. Don’t be made to believe that education has lost relevance. Education never has and will never lose value in the society.

It is so unfortunate that in this age and era, there are people still asking why education is important. Have you ever tried to think what life would be like if you didn’t know how to read or write? That alone will make you see the great role education plays in our lives. Besides, education makes one visionary. By learning about the achievements of other people in the past, a learner understands that the future generations will be reading about him and will love to know what change he brought to the world. A closer look at the society will show you all the good things that education has brought. Think of hospitals, good roads, airports, and communication technology among others. Would they be there if education was not there?

Eric Batesa year ago

The question on the importance of education in the society should not exist in the head of a right- minded person. One narrative being used by those claiming that education is not relevant is technology. Have you ever tried to have a closer look at the history of technology and human? With the invention of the diesel engine and then tractors in the 18th century, a lot of people working as laborers in various plantations were rendered jobless. However, with technology, other job opportunities were created. Therefore, even with every introduction of a technology, there is a natural way through which man finds something else productive to engage in. It is important to note that it is only through education that technology is advanced. In addition, any existing technology is the most advanced to those using it at that time. Technology alone cannot be a remedy to the challenges we are facing. We have to use our brains to develop technologies that will be of relevance in our lives. Therefore, if we want our future generations to live a better life, we have to embrace education.

Leigh Mann8 months ago

I went through those moments of doubt and uncertainty too when I was in high school. It was a hard time, but we know that being a teenager isn’t easy at all. We tend to question everything around us, including the importance of education. But then we realize that all the technological inventions and the medical progress that the human being has made is a result of education. It is what has made this world a better place and even if education today isn’t as valued as before, it keeps helping people improve themselves by getting knowledge.  

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