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What is the importance of a good business motivation program?

I have read quite a number of articles and books about motivation. The common thing about these books and articles is their agreement that business motivation is a good thing. In fact, from all the self motivation articles I have read, none have criticized the implementation of motivational programs in a business organization. Moreover, I want to know more about this concept of motivation. I am particularly concerned about the benefits that enterprise motivation policies have on an organization.         

From the articles that I have read, increased productivity is one of the important benefits of a motivational policy is a business organization. I want to know if this is true. Furthermore, I would like someone to tell me on how to motivate my business organization. This is one of the important information I normally look for in books and motivational articles.   

Timothy Norman

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1 answer

Ross Pratt on February 15, 2018

Business motivation is important because it has the capability of positively impacting the physical and mental human reactions to various issues at the workplace. Employees who are motivated are always productive in the workplace. This means that these employees will work in an efficient and effective manner. Note that at an enterprise, motivation policy does not only increase the productivity of employees, but it also increases the revenues of an organization, saves on business and operational costs, and it increases the level of satisfaction amongst employees.              

It is an obvious fact that when the operational costs of a business organization are lowered, the company will achieve some profitability. Making profits is the main reason for the existence of a business organization, and all their policies are aimed at attaining this objective. Therefore, any business motivational policies you enact must have the impact of increasing the productivity and efficiency of your workforce, without which, you will not succeed in business. Employees, who are poorly motivated, are slow in their work, and this increases the amount of time an organization can serve its customers.

In the long run, slow employees may cost the business organization some money and may make it un-flexible when it comes to responding to the various needs of customers. A flexible business organization has the capability of responding to the various needs of customers in an agile and fast manner. Zara Fashions is an example of a business organization whose flexible capability enables it to achieve a competitive advantage over rivals.

Note that, lack of direction and goals is one of the factors that may cause a low rate of motivation within the workplace. If you want to learn how to motivate your employees, you must first learn the importance of goal setting for your business organization. Without goals, your organization may not be able to achieve success or be competitive within the industry.

This is a fact that is identified in self motivation articles that talk about organizational motivation policies and goal setting. Articles on self motivation are important sources of information that can enable you to learn the benefits and importance of coming up with a good motivational policy for your employees. Reading them is one of the ways of knowing in what way to motivate your employees.

Nonetheless, to come up with a good motivational program, know what your employees value, and can trigger them to work hard and increase their effectiveness. You can find this information if you read the various theories of motivation that exist. An example of a good motivational theory is the hierarchy of needs theory.

Craig Stewarta year ago

Business motivation is essential. Enterprise motivation is fundamental in any business since it impacts mental and physical human responses. Energetic employees have an ability to complete it valuably and acceptably, accomplishing higher efficiency. Operators and staff with low inspiration tend to work slower, without sufficiency. So I think that the administration of every organization should pay attention to the motivation of their employees. 

Caleb Jenkins2 years ago

The answer contains detailed information about the importance of business motivation.

For instance, I liked the manner which the article explained the importance of increased productivity of the employees of an organization. It is a fact that when employees are not productive, an organization will bear losses. That’s why it is essential for an organization to develop business motivational policies that are aligned with the needs of employees.   

The answer touched on demotivated employees and their impact on an organization. I agree with the fact that when employees are demotivated, they may be slow to work. Therefore, before taking punitive actions against them, check your motivational programs, to ascertain that it is not the cause for such low productivity. Moreover, the answer touched on the use of theories of motivation to understand the needs of your employees and develop a motivational policy that satisfies them. It was good to talk about the theories, but there was a need of expanding more on their importance. However, the answer is good and managed to explain in detail the benefits of good motivational programs.        

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