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What is the immigration culture in the U.S.?

Considering that the U.S.A. is known as the country founded by “immigrants,” I believe that the immigration culture here should be well-developed. Is this topic popular today among media, policymakers, or activists? What is the immigration impact on education? There bound to be at least some influence considering the number of immigrant children at schools. So, is it believed to be positive or negative? What are the exactly the effects of immigration on education?  Do they seem to change in time or remain the same?

Any facts and tips that you know will be truly appreciated.

Amanda Johnson

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1 answer

Jeremy Wood on May 22, 2018

Well, the issue of education is really trending right now. From time to time, the whole country starts speaking about the rights of immigrants, the laws concerning them, and various new. As usual in our time, the interest is caused by media. Nothing can attract the attention of people as much as TV and the Internet. Media often take a human-interest angle and covers personal stories of immigrants. Of course, official sources always try to show how much the country makes for its immigrants. Often, stories start with a difficult childhood and dreams of becoming something successful and important. Here comes the U.S. and provides numerous chances to reach their goals. In some aspects, these stories show us how people can use their determination and knowledge to fulfil their dreams. However, media won’t be itself without adding a few exaggerating details to each story. So, I ask you to be critical when reading such stories and believe the facts only.

Obviously, here we have the culture of immigration. It may seem strange for some other countries that have no such tendencies. I sometimes wonder whether this is good for our state to constantly face this issue. On one hand, there is always diversity and the population increase. On the other hand, the constant growth of the popular is not always a good thing. We still have the same territories, the number of cities, and job offers. More people means more competition and, as a result, bigger unemployment rates. So, the laws have to carefully consider all aspects of inviting immigrants to our country.

There is certainly an impact of immigration on education. Some people think this is a positive thing that improves our system, other oppose it. So, let’s look at the facts ourselves.

The presence of non-native speakers in classes can slow down the process and reduce the number of covered topics. However, it only concerns those cases when immigrants are not good in English which is becoming a lesser problem in time. Sometimes, if a school is big enough, they are taught in separate classes to a special curriculum is created for them. Schools with immigrant students have different approaches depending on their budget, number of pupils, teacher, and so on. However, there are positive things that immigrants bring to our schools including the improvement of tolerance, an opportunity to communicate with diverse people, and more.

Here is a good article to read on the immigration effects on education: 

Ronald Millera year ago

I’m a supporter of immigrants in the U.S. I’ve faced many situations in my life that proved that the pro-immigration movement is the right thing to follow. People come here searching for better life. In their search, they show us how a person can reach success no matter where they are from and what country they come to. Everything you need is determination and faith in yourself. I believe that if you are a good strong person inside, you can reach everything you want.

So, about the impact of immigration on education—there are many little things that we don’t pay attention to but that are valuable for our development. First of all, this is an exchange of values, cultures, and traditions. This is a stimulus to work harder and to be more ambitious. There are many other things that are too long to talk about. The necessary information can be found right here: and here 

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