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What is the good thing about edweb webinars?

For the past month or so, I have heard about edweb webinars quite a lot; on the school radio, in colleague’s conversations, and some other places I cannot quite point out. It almost seems like these words are haunting me. Or, maybe the universe wants me to know about this ed web thing.

So, what’s the reason that many educators are talking about it? Please mention how an educator stands to benefit from edweb. Most importantly, if it offers some free webinars, please provide some relevant information on the same. Thank you.

Annie Barnes

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1 answer

1 answer

Daniel King on June 14, 2018

To start us off, EdWeb is an online network of professional learning that offers fantastic webinars and online communities for educators. All the services provided on this network are free. Moreover, you can access the various products provided whenever and wherever. And oh, before I forget; Lisa Schmucki founded some ten years ago.

So, what is the good thing about this network? There are several aspects of this network that make it quite useful for educators. These include the following:

  • Webinars

EDWeb stands out because of the webinars it provides to educators for free. Even if you are new to the network, you can still register and take part in a free webinar. You can participate in a live webinar, or you can go through archived webinars to see what has been offered through the years.

There are over 300 webinars every year, and all of them allow for real-time participation by educators. The sessions are led by generous and passionate administrators who wish to share the practical and innovative ideas that have helped them provide better services to students.

  • Personal Learning Network

Edweb allows you to come up with a personal learning network. It will help you share your ideas, collaborate with various partners, and make useful strides as an educator by providing you with practical ideas and initiatives.

  • CE Certificates

Edweb confers you with a certificate after attending a live webinar. You also get a certificate if you watch a recorded webinar. To get your certificate, you need to join edweb first. After that, you can attend live or on-demand webinars. Or, you can view any recorded webinars.

Lastly, have a look at your webinar activity and download your certificates from your homepage.

Note: You have to take a CE test before you can get your CE certificate if you watch a recorded webinar. You also need to check with your organization to determine whether they approve edweb webinars for CE credit. Where accepted, these webinars offer you one clock hour of professional learning.

  • Professional Development

Edweb offers high-quality personalized professional development. Customized professional development is quite useful when compared to other forms of PD. It provides exciting and motivating professional learning. These aspects make it quite appealing to educators and thus foster the uptake of professional development programs.

Another good thing with personalized PD is the fact that you get to study an array of topics. 

Ronald Miller2 years ago

This answer is excellent. I cannot agree with it more. Away from that, I want to provide you with some personal information regarding taking Professional Development at ed web. The first word I will use to describe PD from this network is; fantastic.

EdWeb’s unique approach to professional development; providing it in a more personalized way, offers a PD experience like no other. It makes the pursuit quite exciting and educational at the same time.

Moreover, personalized PD allows you to come up with a Personal Learning Network. This issue is highlighted in the answer. A PLN can assist you to gather the most appropriate resources for your development program. PLN’s also help you create a network of supportive individuals and peers who will be invaluable to you as you endeavor to finish your PD effectively.

Ed web also allows you to be part of online communities thus boosting your technology base. 

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