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What is the final UC application deadline?

UC Berkeley is a dream of mine and I would like to study there. I know that the UC Berkeley application is the standard one that works according to the same rules as the other universities. I’ve heard it from my friends but never checked myself on the UC Berkeley portal. Now, I’m asking for your help with the peculiarities of the admissions and the UC application deadline.

Eric Morgan

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1 answer

Victoria Fowler on August 8, 2018

You still haven’t consulted the portal of UC Berkeley? Well, people, of course, can share useful information with you and make the whole process easier for understanding, but you should still visit the website and check its information. I’m sure you can find enough time to browse through the portal. This is your future, after all. You have to be 100% sure that UC Berkeley is for you. Besides, you’ll have to visit from time to time when you become a student as well. So, why don’t you start early and get to know it in advance?

Anyway, now, I’ll tell what I know about Berkley how you should apply there.
Generally, you should start your application process as soon as the admission for the following year is open. This usually happens in October. The application for UC Berkeley can be send up to November 30. But, as you should already know, it’ll do you no good to wait until the last day. Then, you have to send the rest of the documents requires for your admission. Among them are SAT scores that you to be submitted by December 31.

Usually, freshmen get their decision by the end of March and transfers have to wait till April. Then, you either accept or refuse their offer. This can be done by May 1 and June 1 for the transfers.
So, these are the deadlines for the UC Berkeley application. You cannot miss them; this is a strict rule.

As for the general requirements, they are really on the standard side. There is a minimum package that an applicant has to send. In theory, this set is enough to become a student of this highly-regarded university. In practice, most people send a bit more in order to increase their chances.

The standard requirements:
To meet the subject course requirements;
To have a 3.0 GPA during the last two grades of high school;
To take either SAT or ACT
The documents include an application, SAT/ACT scores, income references.

Cynthia Bakera year ago

A freshman applying for UC Berkeley has to know many things. To my mind, it’s a bit more complex than in other establishments. That is why I want to leave a freshmen checklist here - This is a small list that reminds an applicant a few details that they may have forgotten.

People should also know how the committee actually choose their students. Not only transcripts are important for them, personal achievements and traits are taken into account as well. This is a comprehensive review of a student that is more common for the Ivy League establishments. That is why applicants shouldn’t forget about the importance of their reports that they make about themselves. They have to be honest and not hide any achievements. Remember that personal insight is a crucial factor of your future n the university.

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