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What is the federal financial aid deadline?

I’d like to know the financial aid deadline because, as any other student of a standard income, I cannot afford the whole studies. I have an option to take a job and enroll in distance learning courses, but I’d like to get proper education without worries about work. So, knowing FAFSA deadline would be great. I want to apply for FAFSA right on time and what I have to do beforehand.

Ashley Howard

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1 answer

Kaitlin Dean on August 7, 2018

I totally agree with your wish to focus on learning during your college years and leave work for later. Unfortunately, I had to resort to a part-time job to keep afloat. As a result, my best years as a young adult passed me. Being stuck up in a classroom for the whole day and then spend each evening serving irritating customers isn’t the best way to spend your college years.

So, your FAFSA application has to be perfect for you to get the funding you are expecting. Taking a loan would be a burden for the next decade or so. Without at least a partial support, a regular student has to struggle through their post-college years when all the money has to be repaid. However, there is an option for your parents to take a long-term loan and pay small amounts of money while you study. It won’t be such a big burden for them and, when you graduate, the general sum will be noticeably smaller.

The federal deadline for financial aid is usually June 30. This is the time by which all applications have to be submitted. However, there is also one more date that indicated the end of any corrections or updates that are allowed for several months after you submit an application. This year, it’s in the middle of June. However, I advise you to send valid forms and papers form the first try. It’s always better to check the information several times beforehand than sending corrections later. Also, I should add that you better look for the specific deadline for your state. I don’t actually know whether all states have different time frames or just some of them, but the official FAFSA website gives us an option to choose our state of legal residence. After that, you get your deadline information. Here is the link if you need one:  So, you better check the information and make sure your state is no exception to the rules.

Olive Wilsona year ago

You’ve missed a few things that I’d like to add. Some of these details are really important for the future studies of every high school student.

First of all, don’t forget that the federal deadline is not the only date you should know of. In addition, you have to check all possible application and financial aid deadlines in your university; there should be an online page with all the information of the kind. They mostly don’t surpass the federal timetable, but may end a bit sooner.

Secondly, that search tools that you’ve given is pretty useful; but, you’ve forgotten to notice that there is such an option as Foreign Country for all international students. Also, note that the state you are moving in to get an education cannot be considered a legal resident. This aspect also has to be carefully checked because each state is free to state their own rules.  

Nicholas Riveraa year ago

Well, you don’t need to search for those services once you have a full list at hand at all times. And I’m here to give such list to all people -  This is a file with a current financial aid deadline for each state. It includes both private and public colleges, as well as gives a bit of additional information.

Hurry up to apply for FAFSA while there are still places. As far as I understand, this is a rolling system that appreciates “early birds.”  

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