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What is the factored form of 2x2 + 20x + 50?

Theresa Perry

in Mathematics

1 answer

1 answer

Cynthia Baker on December 5, 2018

2x^2+20x+50 to Find the GCD of the 3 numbers given (2,20,and 50) in this case is 2divide the entire equation by 2 is: 2(x^2+10x+25)From here just factor. ask yourself, what 2 numbers that multiply to 25 and add to do 105 x 5=255+5=10 and 5 and 5...(x+5)(x+5) Now you need to break down the expression: x^2+10x+25 in groups like this: (x^2+5x)+(5x+25)Find the GCF of each set of numbers (5 and 1, 5 and 25 ), divide by the numbers you get. In this case, for 5 and 1 is just x, divide both numbers by x to get :x(x+5) For the 5 and 25 is 5, what you get: 5(x+5)Combine the 2 expressions that we have. x(x+5)+5(x+5)Factor out of the equation and you get your final answer2(x+5)(x+5) or can also be written as 2(x+5)^2

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