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What is the Education Show?

I heard about the Education Show recently from my friend. He has been bugging me about the event ever since he came from the Education Show of 2018. His Supervisor (at a local primary school) took him to the event, and it seems he enjoyed it given his enthusiasm for the next function which I understand will happen in 2019.

I need to know what this occasion is all about. So, can you provide me with any useful advice regarding this issue? Leave out the location information; I know it happens at the NEC Birmingham. Thank you!

Naomi Doyle

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1 answer

Ralph Lopez on June 22, 2018

The Ed Show is an annual event that seeks to provide the attendees with information on new ways to enrich the teaching of the curriculum. These “ways” are provided by professionals and experts in various related fields.

The Ed. Show seeks to bring enthusiasm and life to the classroom. It achieves this by providing a forum where different suppliers can showcase their products aimed at infusing liveliness to education. These products are exhibited to educators, students, and other stakeholders.

Various companies have partnered with the Ed show to make the event a success. These include the British Educational Suppliers Association, Teachit, Renaissance, E.T., and many more.

Averages of 7,100 visitors from various sectors of education attend the event each year. All the people expect to find solutions and appropriate resources that will make a significant impact on the learning and teaching process for students and teachers respectively.

The National Exhibition Center, Birmingham has long been the venue for this event. The show happens over the course of three days. The 2019 event will take place at the National Exhibition Center from March 14th through to March 19th.

Typical attendees of the event include trade buyers, sponsors, exhibitors, and partners, and school leaders. The products showcased during the show cater to primary schools, secondary schools, early years, higher education, and further education. Most of the products provided are for primary schools and reduce systematically with further education having the least products on exhibition.

All the exhibitors have to apply for a specific stand from where they will showcase their new solutions and products.

Away from matters exhibition products, Education Shows also provide you with an opportunity to get Continuing Professional Education free. These programs will help you get useful lesson plans, insights, and inspiration to promote your endeavors to attain professional development.

From this CPD, you will learn new ideas to help you teach your students in an engaging and fun manner. This approach will make your students interested in your teaching and their studies. In turn, they will get better grades and improve their abilities to take on various subjects and topics.

Another advantage of CPD provide here is the fact that the workshops are hands-on thus enabling you to learn how to come up with creative lesson plans that will see you go about your profession efficiently. The CPD courses touch on Arts and Crafts, Education Start-ups, Health and well-being, and so on. 

Emily Alexander2 years ago

The Education Show helps educators to be better in their profession. It allows various interested parties to present their products, innovations, and solutions to educators thus helping them to determine their suitability at the workplace.

I have showcased my products at the Show in the past. Getting this opportunity is not as challenging as I thought it would be. The application process is pretty straightforward. You first have to register for the event. After that, you will proceed to sign up as an exhibitor. Upon completing these easy endeavors, you will then apply for your stand. The stand is where you will set up your station and present your products, ideas, and solutions.

You do not have to be in possession of actual goods. I had a successful exhibition using publications of the various ideas I had. Nonetheless, ensure that your ideas provide new insights regarding improving educators. 

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