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What is the easiest way for children to learn English online?

I speak and write intermediate level English. Most times I use Google to find spelling or meaning of unfamiliar words. I struggled a lot with learning basic English that I know today. While in school I had one English class and an inexperienced teacher. I would not like my children to struggle while learning English. I want them to reap the benefits of online learning by mastering English. Are online learning resources suitable for children? Also, how can my children learn English online effectively?

Samantha Stevenson

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1 answer

Jennifer Patterson on July 17, 2018

Children are faster learners than adults, especially in languages. Therefore, when you start teaching your children a new language now, you can be sure that they will be fluent in it as adults. Even though you want your children to learn their English online exclusively, I would recommend that you supplement with other effective methods that you can use around the house.

Don’t worry about your own English, while you help them learn the language; you will also be advancing your English skills. I will mention some of the most effective tips for learning English. Five of these are used in online learning and other five can be used at home.

Online games: your children will love learning English by playing online games. Plus, when a child has something interesting to connect with learning they will most likely retain that information. So, you will see actual benefits of learning online. Download or let them play the games online. Look for games with a lot of dialogue. The British Council has good games for learning English.
Get them to listen to songs online: when they often listen to songs, they will start repeating what they hear. You can also look for audio and visual material with children tutorial and songs for English learning.

Find an English online competition they can join: again, the British Council has one such competition where children from different overseas countries engage in an English competition, and the winner is, rewarded. You can also create competition at home to challenge them. Make sure the reward is delightful!

Buy them e-story books: the best way to learn anything is by reading. We only implement what we read or hear. Create a reading culture in your house by allocating some time for story reading sessions.

Solve online word puzzles with them: there are plenty of learning resources online, and word puzzles are one of them.

Get a grammar book and practice grammar together: there is power in reading, trust me.
Create quizzes for them: quiz them on what you have recently covered.
Let them label items around the house with stick notes: create an activity where you get them to label house items with their English names.

Enforce English speaking time in your house: for example, you could say that from 7 pm until bedtime, no one should speak any other language except English. Remember the saying practice makes perfect. 

Nicholas Riveraa year ago

About ten years ago, I knew very few English words. In school, we used to learn English for about 30 minutes a day from teachers who weren’t very fluent. So, when the class was over, we would promptly revert to our local dialect.
When my daughter was born, I wanted her to have a better chance in life by being fluent in English from the start. I didn’t know about online English learning, so I looked for a tutor for her. Since I couldn’t speak English very well, I enrolled her in classes. We started learning English together. I would encourage her to read stories aloud from the storybooks I bought her. She became quite comfortable in the language within a few months. What I’m trying to say is that, if you want effective long lasting results, start this journey together with your children. 

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