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What is the distance from Makati Philippines to Baguio Philippines?

Jodi Brooks

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Bethany Evans on May 26, 2018

The City of Makati to Baguio City = 250 kilometres. Daytime Driving = average speed of 35 km / H, and SEVEN hours of travel. A lot of slow-moving provincial vehicles on the narrow public highways, passing through small villages with crowded wet markets. Night driving = fewer obstructions on the road, less "tricycles," the average speed of 50 kph = five hours of travel. In the year 2040, a toll road can be built, allowing speeds of 150kph for motorists. That should reduce the journey time of two hours. There is a plan for a road, but only when there are enough drivers who are willing and able to pay the toll fees. Therefore, the waiting time.

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