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What is the distance BC between the two horizontal parallel bars? 4 divided by cos 45 degrees 4 sin 45° 4 divided by tan 45 degrees 4 tan 45° Download jpg

Jessie Thompson

in Mathematics

1 answer

1 answer

Ronald Miller on February 5, 2018

One thing you should note is that the cross line and the line parallel to the shape of a triangle. We are told that the base is 4 and the angle between the hypotenuse and the shorter leg is 45°from this, we can solve for the second stage. Here is the list of trig functionssinФ = opposite/hypotenusecosФ = adjacent/hypotenusetanФ = opposite/adjacentSince only we are given the adjacent and we are trying to solve for the opposite leg, we can deduce we use tanФ. So getMultiply by 4 to isolate x and obtain = xHopes this helps!

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