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What is the Directorate of education?

What exactly is the directorate of education in India? Is there info on this directorate at the mp education portal? What are the functions of the directorate, and is it a federal body? What is the mp higher education? I don’t know what all these things mean, but I really wish to sort them out soon. The main reason they are not so clear to me is that there is both a federal and state paradigm to Indian education. I wish to understand it better.

Annie Barnes

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1 answer

Zach Chandler on July 31, 2018

Information on the Indian education directorate of Delhi can be found on their DEL E website. The directorate is the department in charge of education in Delhi. It provides most of the information that helps people who wish to find out what goes on in the sector. You can know the following by visiting the site:

  • All the schools and institutions of education are under the jurisdiction of the directorate. This includes both public and private institutions, as well as colleges.
  • There is also information about admission requirements and criteria for joining the institutions. Fee guidelines and records of attendance of the institutions are also available.
  • You may also know about the courses on offer at the different institutions. They also tell you about the careers available for those courses in the country and even outside it.
  • Education policy guidelines are also available on the site. This will give you a better understanding of the aims of the education department in the country, and the manner in which they intend to achieve them.
  • The site also highlights the latest developments in education and the emerging issues therein. This will give you an up to date coverage of what is going on.

The mp education portal, on the other hand, is the website of the state government of Madhya Pradesh. The site also has information on education in the state. Apart from the information, you can get on the Delhi site, you can also learn other things here:

  • There is detailed information on schools. You can also know about the principals and other employees in different institutions and see their profiles.
  • You will also learn about hostel services. That way you can choose the hostel that is the most convenient for you if you intend to attend a certain school.
  • There is also the higher education mp portal which limits itself to information at college and university level. Among other things, it offers you online admission information, career guidance, and even available tenders.
  • On the higher education portal, you can also get to know some information about students. There is also useful information on college timetables and program schedules. These can guide you well on when your desired course will commence. The specific course requirements are included.

Caroline Campbella year ago

While it is true that the Delhi Directorate of education and Madhya Pradesh sites are very informative, it is important to note that they are not very user-friendly. First of all, the sites are both in English and Hindi, which is confusing. One may not want to read further by assuming all the information is in Hindi. While it doesn’t matter to an Indian user who understands both languages. It would just be better to allow one to choose whether he wants to read in English or Hindi. There is also too much information crammed onto the first page. This makes navigation pretty difficult. You can easily miss what you want.  

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