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What is the difference between visual basic to Microsoft access?

Nicholas Rivera

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Ralph Lopez on August 16, 2019

n response to 4 questions: a) Yes: VB is the same as VBA when it comes to modules, procedures, variables, loops, branches, operators, and many functions. (b) As the previous. c) There is some similarity between VB forms/controls and Access forms/controls, but they are different in crucial aspects. VB forms lack the basic functionality that is used in the Access: for example: - the shape of the events are different (Dirty, BeforeUpdate); - the controls are different (for example, the Text of the verses, properties, Value); - VB lacks of subforms to the data management related to so easily. VB does not have Access to the reports completely. It also lacks the table of consultation and the design of the interface of Access you have. The construction of a VB 6 application is therefore completely different to the proposition of the creation of an Access application. Since Access gives you data-centric controls, forms, reports, and table and query designers, doing the same job in VB will take much more time. d) Since Access and VB are different beasts, used for different purposes, I don't have links that do exactly what you ask for. But here is something that will give you information on VB: -- Allen Browne - Microsoft MVP. Perth, Western Australia Tips for Access users - Reply to group, rather than allenbrowne at mvps dot org. "Irshad Alam" wrote in message news:6E30AE82-9E61-4788-8E7A-Mail(E-Mail Removed)... > Could you please advise me the basic difference between the Visual > basic > 6 and Microsoft Access VBA. > > I am working on Microsoft Access programming from last few years and very > much fimiliar with Access VBA. Now I'm planning to start with Visual > Basic > 6, I have a question in my mind : > a) the VBA will give you an edge to understand the Visual Basic 6 > programming. b) Will you be able to work in Visual Basic 6 with ease Or > totally > different method of programming. > C)Are the objects of Visual basic same like forms,reports,query,table > D) On which the web site I am find more information of the basic differences > of > both. > > Thanking you all for the supports you people provide for the access users. > > Greetings. > > Irshad

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