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What is the difference between how we read shakespeare today and how it was read originally?

Whitney Matthews

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1 answer

Karen Wright on July 31, 2019

Originally very few people actually read the works of Shakespeare, although some of them were printed. In those days, the way in which it's located about a work of Shakespeare was going to the cinema and see it. Today, most people are first introduced to the works of Shakespeare on the part of some professors of English, some of which refuse to allow students to see the work done, and most of whom do not view the game as a chance for everyone to have fun. Unfortunately this has soured a number of people's views of the works. By way of analogy, think about the last movie you saw and enjoyed. Now, imagine someone whose only exposure to the film is that it has an English teacher to plunk the script on the table, and insist that it is read by the end of the month, and write a character sketch of one of the characters and a true essay on what are the characteristics of the script of party Aristotelian definitions of drama. That is the difference.

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