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What is the difference between hot humid and cold humid air?

Heather Maxwell

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1 answer

Alexa Spicer on October 20, 2019

If it is hot humid air, the air is filled with a lot of moisture, and his hands feel all sticky and when you breathe in, the air feels thick. But when it's cold, damp air, the air has less humidity and it can feel easier to breathe. But it still has the same humidity as the hot air, which is different. This is because when you say that the air is humid, you are basically saying that the air has moisture in it. But the air always has some humidity, but you can feel it when there is high humidity. So when it's cold the air, feel the humidity less. Because if it is hot air, which means that the sun should be out, and when the sun comes out, evaporating sweat and moisture away from the skin and goes into the air. That is why, in a room full of people, we describe the air as 'stuffy' because it is filled with the body heat of all the people in the room. I hope I have answered your question correctly. :)

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