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What is the date of the UCLA new student orientation this year?

I was admitted into UCLA and told that I must attend UCLA new student orientation. I do not know if it’s useful or if I’d better skip that new student orientation UCLA. I’ve heard from my friend about the Texas state new student orientation events and I realize that it is very boring.

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1 answer

Chelsea Hayes on August 9, 2018

I would like to advise you to go to the new student orientation at UCLA and do not think about missing it. It is your first official visit to your university as a regular student and all the information that will be provided at that event will be useful for you during and even after you studies.

It will also be a great opportunity to meet your professors as well as your new groupmates, and walk around the campus to get to know where the most important places are. During this event, you will choose your major and your courses and you will enroll in them.

There are different sessions scheduled for July, August, and September. The next new student orientation at the University of California Los Angeles will be on August 15-17, August 21-23, August 26-28 and August 29-31. You can find the dates for September on the web page of this university  

This event lasts 3 days and a 2-night stay in the university dorms. You need to bring comfortable walking shoes, toiletries and towels. There will be presentations about safety and well-being on campus.

Since you already know something about a NSO (new student orientation), you know that before attending this event, you need to follow a registration or sign-up process that will be complete after the payment of a fee. At Texas State, it should be paid a $175 fee, while at UCLA, you will be asked to pay a $445 fee, but it includes all meals and accommodation on campus. At Texas State, there is a special fee for family and guests that want to attend NSO; UCLA only accepts students for this event.
In spite of how boring new student orientation at Texas State could be, it is a different university. The style of the events organized by the University of California Los Angeles may be very different from the style at Texas State and you may like the orientation event this time.

Kyle Mckinneya year ago

It’s definitely important to go to the new student orientation at the University of California Los Angeles. I’m a student, and the idea of missing it never crossed my mind after I got accepted because I was excited about attending that event. But I must say that I was not going alone because some of my friends had been accepted there too and it was nice to discover the campus with them. What you say about the information that the university provides to its students on that first event is true. There are some rules that you need to know and follow. University authorities are very strict about it. After this meeting, you are supposed to know those rules and you will also find out where classrooms and the library are located. So take your time to walk all over the place.  

Karen Wrighta year ago

I can’t deny that those meetings for new students can be boring at times. If you went to the UCLA new student orientation, you know what I mean. But students do not have much choice, because if you choose not to go to the new student orientation UCLA event, you would have a difficult time when classes start. You would not know who your teachers are or how to find the way to your classroom. That’s why that orientation event is so important.  

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