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What is the date of the Boots and Hearts music festival this year?

I went to the Boots and Hearts music festival last year, and I will go again this year once I know the Boots and Hearts date. I still have the Boots and Hearts wristband of the last year. I used a Boots and Hearts promo code back then.

William Cain

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1 answer

1 answer

Jeremy Wood on August 2, 2018

It is common to be eager to repeat the experience of going to a concert or festival of your favorite music genre to listen to your favorite artists. Country music lovers enjoy the music festival of Boots and Hearts a lot because it offers them four days dedicated exclusively to their favorite type of music.

This music festival, as many other music festivals around the world, takes place in summer when most people go on holidays and are free from school and work to participate in this kind of events. The specific date of Boots and Hearts is from Thursday, August 9th to Sunday, August 12th. It will be held in the same place, Ontario, Canada.

The specific location is called Burl’s Creek Event Grounds, an open-air area situated on the south side of Highway 11 on Oro-Medonte's 8th Line. It was first opened as a display ground to present some country events, like farmers markets and agricultural fairs, but in 2015 the new owners decided to use the area for larger events and thus, there was more space for Boots and Hearts, which had been founded three years before, in 2012.

It is wonderful that you still keep your old wristband of Boots and Hearts. Although it is true that some people collect the wristbands for a music concert or festival, most people just throw it away after the event. Since every year there is a new wristband, you will be able to add another wristband of this festival to your collection.

If you happen to have a promo code for Boots and Hearts for this year’s festival, it will be great! You can purchase the tickets for this festival here 

Caroline Campbell9 months ago

I love going to music concerts on the weekends all year round, but there are so many music festivals in summer. It is very good because often we do not know what to do during the holidays and those music festivals are nice events to attend. You can meet people who have the same musical preferences as you.

Unfortunately, not everyone is free in summer. After I have found out the date of boots and hearts for this year, I realize that I will not be able to go. I am taking several summer courses that are credit-eligible and a part-time job to save some money for college. I am too busy now. But I will definitely go there next year. 

Wilson Hansen9 months ago

This year I will attend my third Boots and Hearts music festival in Ontario. I have enjoyed the previous festivals and I am sure that this year’s festival will be fantastic too. I think that more and more people should know about it and they will not regret listening to a variety of country music singers, all of them are very good. I don’t have any boots and hearts promo code so if anyone knows, please share it with me. 


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