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What is the complete package of a free online chemistry course?

I would like to enhance my knowledge in chemistry, but I am working on a tight tuition budget. My older sister suggested that I should consider taking a free distance course since they are affordable. The idea of completing an online course for free is appealing although I have some concerns about the mode of learning that would be used. I would like to know the learning techniques to expect when I enroll in these online science classes. I would like opinions of individuals who have undertaken a free online chemistry course.

Timothy Norman

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1 answer

Melissa Norris on July 20, 2018

As a student who is struggling to pay off student loans as I try to enhance my knowledge, the free online course program has changed my life. A few months ago I completed a chemistry course online for free. The experience was worthwhile since the course was inexpensive and I was also able to learn at my own pace. Free online courses are common, and you can enroll in anyone that you find convenient. When I first learned about these cheap online courses, I was skeptical. These classes are different compared to one-on-one traditional classes. I was reluctant to apply because I did not think they would offer me what a regular class with a classroom would. This turned out entirely different because I registered for the course, took it and passed.

Distance learning courses include an integrated learning system to help different students who register for the courses attain the education they need. I will include some of the learning systems that were used by the program I registered with which are used by most free online course programs.

• Video lessons

Video lessons are a significant part of this learning system because most topics are covered by video transcripts. As a registered member of the learning program, you will have full access to the videos that are posted on the online student portal. You can keep track of the videos which are uploaded. These videos are available for all students to review. There are other video courses that you can download to your computer and use it to study whenever you are offline.

• Audio courses

Video and audio lessons go with the free online classes. You will be able to listen to audio lectures which analyze the topics of the online science class. You can listen to these audio courses for free and even download them for future purposes. As long as you are a verified student of the program, you can listen to these audios and gain wholesome knowledge of the course.

• PDF course notes

What makes free online courses inexpensive is that students can get revision materials for the course without a penny. On the website of the portal, you can download complete notes on your chemistry course and use it to study. Among these revision materials, you will also have test papers that you can use to study.

Leigh Manna year ago

I took online classes last summer which were worth it especially because I did not have to pay a dime and I got all the relevant knowledge of the course. I would recommend these free online chemistry courses to any student who is looking for cheap online courses. I agree that many sites offer different courses. The site I used all the learning techniques mentioned and I agree they were highly effective. Apart from those, students also had an option to buy e-books that were posted on the site. Students who felt comfortable would download the books while downloadable documents were also provided for the other students. There was also an online student forum that student could link and discuss various topics in the course. As students, we also had an opportunity to engage with the instructors on the discussion boards. We could ask any questions concerning the course, and the instructors would provide us with an explanation.  

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