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What is the cheapest ticket for the Billboard Hot 100 music festival?

I want to go to the Billboard Hot 100 music festival because I want to see the live performance of the artists that will compose the Billboard Hot 100 music festival lineup this year. I have heard there is a Billboard Hot 100 music festival (2-day pass), August 20.

Kristi Hammond

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1 answer

1 answer

Jeremy Wood on August 6, 2018

Your question is very good since many people have already asked me about the same matter these days. Summer has come and it has brought a number of activities and events for everybody to enjoy during this time of holidays.

The tickets for the music festival of Billboard Hot 100 must be purchased in advance if you are looking to pay the lowest price offered on the website of the festival, which is the official digital place of sale of the tickets  

Furthermore, if you choose to wait some days to purchase your tickets once that the prices of the tickets have been published, there is not only the possibility of having to buy expensive tickets because the cheapest are already sold out, but also the possibility that all the tickets may have been sold out by the time that you access the site to buy yours.

The tickets for the music festival of this year range from $80 to $275. Keep in mind that the closer that you are to the date of the festival, the more expensive are the tickets because people tend to buy the cheapest tickets first.

Yes, the lineup of Billboard Hot 100 music festival for this year is very nice. On the first day, the audience will be able to enjoy the music of Frank Walker and Kim Petras, while on the second day, different artists like DJ Snake and Bexey will go on stage to show their best performance to their fans.

You choose what concerts to attend during the festival. You can buy a single ticket only for the first day of the festival, a single ticket only for the second day or you can buy a 2-day pass for Billboard Hot 100 music festival, August 20. It actually does not include August 20th, but it does include both the first (August 18th) and the second day (August 19th) of the festival, so you will not miss the performance of any artist.  

Kyle Mckinneya year ago

I think that sometimes just by hearing the name of a festival, you can easily get an idea of what the cost of the tickets may be. After hearing “Billboard Music festival” you can immediately imagine how high the price of the tickets to attend those concerts will be. But many people, including me, like modern music and love going to the concerts, regardless of how expensive the tickets may be. I try to save some money every year to attend festivals like this because I see them as a reward for working hard to get good grades at school. And I always look for special prices, such as the Billboard Hot 100 music festival (2-day pass), August 20.  

Cynthia Bakera year ago

I am very excited about going to the Billboard hot 100 music festival this year. It will be the first time that I attend this festival, but my cousin who lives in New York went to the last year’s festival and he told me that it was great. He is going again this year. I love the Billboard hot 100 music festival lineup because it is made up of the artists that are on the top right now. I like listening to their music online but nothing compares to going to their concert and hearing these sounds.  

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