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What is the CAEP conference and who are its target audience?

Though I have been a K-12 educator for some years now, I heard about CAEP the other day. As an educator, I am understandably keener on issues about teacher education. So, my sudden interest in this organization is purely out of curiosity and maybe to understand how it affects me an education industry player.

I would like to know a bit more about the CAEP conference and the organization in charge of the event. For example, who attends this event? What can one gain from attending one of these conferences?

Naomi Doyle

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1 answer

Jennifer Patterson on June 14, 2018

C.A.E.P is an organization in charge of supervising and ensuring quality in educational institutions and programs. This organization is a good example of a professional accreditor. To understand what accreditation means, let’s define it. Accreditation is a quality assessment to determine if the program or institution under examination meets a particular set of standards.

Typically, the organization awarding the accreditation sets the minimum standards that the program/ institution should meet. Accreditation should be repeated every few years. If you have heard about accreditation in education, you might be aware that there are three major types of institutional accreditation:

  • Professional: usually done by professional bodies. This type of accreditation is done for by a professional agency for higher education program under its scope. For example, teaching.
  • Regional: this type of accreditation is highly regarded in the industry with most top-tier universities holding such accreditation. Eight bodies hold the mandate of awarding regional accreditation in the US; and
  • National: this accreditation is done by nationally mandated bodies that oversee institutions within the state of jurisdiction.

However, many universities after accreditation by professional accrediting bodies, seek regional certification to help them explore other opportunities.

This organization’s primary purpose is to review the standards of colleges, schools, departments, and programs in higher Ed that train and prepare educators for the work environment.

About CAEP conferences:

This professional organization has two conferences in the fall and spring of every year mainly targeting educator preparation providers. The conferences' purpose is to provide opportunities to interested industry player to learn more about the organization including their accreditation standards and the process of performing such accreditation.

The conference takes about four days with different sessions scheduled on the different days. The first day of the conferences is usually orientation where you get to interact and know other attendees. Then there is the main conference where you get to listen to their professional team, guest speakers and informative presentations on particular issues. The 2018 fall conference will take two days for these sessions. The last day is for the workshop.

As an educator, one of the most beneficial parts of this conference is the workshop where you get to learn about the industry practices within your scope of interest in teaching and education. Providers of educator preparation get to share their ideas and experiences with the conference attendees. The presentations during the conference are also great for learning new industry practices. 

Craig Stewart2 years ago

Well, I think attending the conference will not be of much benefit to you as a teacher. Why do I say so? As it has already been mentioned, the conferences target audience is the education providers. Though the organization does not explicitly state that other players in the education sector shouldn’t attend, most of the presentations and activities are tailored to serve this particular group of people.

However, knowing CAEP, its purpose and mandate are particularly beneficial to you as an educator. By now you must have pursued professional development even if solely for licensure purposes. This professional body works to safeguard you from fraudulent education providers by providing accreditation. Knowing how it works and why it is important can help you avoid losing your money and time.

Nonetheless, there are several teacher/educator organizations you can apply for membership and even attend professional development conferences. A good suggestion is ASCD which hold conferences annually. 

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