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What is the Billboard Hot 100 Festival lineup for this year?

I wonder what the Billboard Hot 100 Festival lineup for 2018 is because my friends are planning to buy the Billboard Hot 100 Music Festival tickets. If I find some of the artists that I like in the Billboard Hot 100 Festival 2018 lineup, I may buy a ticket to go there too.

Samantha Barber

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1 answer

Jennifer Patterson on August 6, 2018

The lineup of Billboard Hot 100 festival that corresponds to this year includes different artists such as Olivia O’Brien, French Montana, Daya, Gnash, DJ Snake, Rozes, and Future.

You can read the full list of guest performers that will participate this year and the specific dates of their presentations on the official website of the festival, which is  
Billboard owes its renown to its worldwide famous music charts, categorized by different elements, such as date and music genre. Those rankings offer updated information on what are the songs that are played the most on the radio, those that the public prefers and, at the same time, it shows what songs are going down in the ranking or even simply getting out of it.

If you attend Billboard Hot 100, you can be sure that you will hear only singers and songs that have made it to the top in current music rankings. Even in the case that you do not know some of the names listed in the festival’s lineup of this year, it is very likely that you may have already heard some of their songs sometimes lately.

Many people attend this festival every year in Long Island, New York, hence the best recommendation that I can give you is to buy your tickets for Billboard Hot 100 Music Festival soon because that way your probabilities of finding tickets at a lower price rises. It is also important to purchase your tickets early because it is common for the tickets for some music events in the New York area, and especially in the summertime, to be sold out as the date of the event approaches.

Remember that the lineup of Billboard Hot 100 festival 2018 is divided between the days of the festival. Some artists will perform the first day, while other artists will perform the next day. Take this into account before purchasing your tickets, because you can buy a pass to go to all the concerts programmed for the festival this year, or you can buy a ticket for the single day that you choose.

Karen Wrighta year ago

I have some friends that like music so much that can go to any music festival, even if they are not sure about the music genre of the festival. I am not like that at all. I always need to know the type of music that will be played at the festival that I am planning to attend and I also need to know what artists will take part in it. Now that I know what artists will be playing this year at the Billboard Festival, I made my mind and decided to buy my tickets for Billboard Hot 100 music festival because it is the type of music that I like. I already have songs from some of the artists included in that line up on my phone. I also like the diversity of artists in this festival, it guarantees that it will not be boring.  

Ronald Millera year ago

It is nice to know what artists compose the Billboard Hot 100 festival lineup of this year, but I had already purchased my tickets even before reading the whole list of singers that will be participating in this event. I know many people that have attended this festival before and they recommend it to everyone. So I bought my Billboard Hot 100 music festival tickets, for both days, to watch all the artists’ concerts and since I am going with friends, I am sure that we will have fun.  

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