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What is the best way to study law?

I have heard many stories about how hard it is to study law. However, I am still really interested in pursuing law as a career. I am interested in learning how to study law so that I can have an easy time once I start taking my classes. I have looked at a number of free study guides but I still do not know the best way to study effectively and become a great lawyer once I am done with my law degree course. Please share some tips on how to study effectively.

Samantha Stevenson

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1 answer

Tara Andrews on March 8, 2018

Pursuing a law degree is not for the faint of heart. You need to be prepared to do a lot of studying and research if you want to be a success during and after your course.  If you are preparing to go to law school, you are in a very good position to learn how to do law study because you have not begun the course. There isn’t one specific method of study that can be considered the best way for studying effectively. However, there is a number of tips you can use to make your study more effective. These include:

  • Keeping up with all your reading: In law school, you will be given a good amount of reading for every class you attend. It is very important to do all your reading as soon as it is assigned. Make sure you do all the reading when you are most alert and choose a room where you are less likely to be distracted.
  • Brief the cases: Every case is different. There are legal facts in each case and holdings for every case. Identify them and list them down as you read the material. This is what is referred to a case briefing.
  • Review the material before class; Make sure you go through the material again before you attend the next class. This is very important because it will enable you to keep up with the rest during the class discussions. Apart from this, it will prevent you from being embarrassed if your professor calls upon you to answer a question.
  • Attend all your classes: Professors discuss most of the relevant points in class. When you attend classes, you are in a better position to understand the material you were reading. It also prevents you from falling behind in class.
  • Participate in class: When you participate in discussing the material you are reading, you are more likely to remember everything you have learned in a class. It also makes it possible for you to know where you are wrong because when you are wrong, the professor will correct you.
  • Take practice exams: Whenever you have exams, use practice exams to prepare for your examination. This will not only help you with timing but will also help you cover most of the material. You can use a free study guide to learn how to make the most of practice exams.  Also, make sure you use a practice exam that covers most of the material you have been taught.

Olive Wilson2 years ago

If you ask me, the best way to study law is to either form a discussion group or get practical lessons. The advantage of forming a group discussion is the fact that you get to learn from other students. This is especially important if there is a topic you do not understand and you need extra help with. The students who are good on that topic can help you understand it.  The other alternative to study groups is getting practical lessons. You can get these lessons by volunteering at a law firm. By doing this, you will get to be involved in real cases and see how things work in real courts. This will not only make you a better student but will mould you to become a great lawyer. However, be sure to attend all your classes as well because this is what you will be tested on during examinations.


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