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What is the best way to study?

I’m preparing for my final examination and I’m looking for the best way to study. For quite some time, I have been attending lectures, have taken time to participate in group work and have visited the library more than thirty times in the past month. After all this, I still feel I’m not prepared to tackle any paper. I need comprehensive study tips for students preparing for their end of semester examinations. I also need someone to explain to me an approach on how to concentrate on studies so as to adequately prepare for my exams.

Naomi Doyle

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1 answer

Victoria Fowler on February 1, 2018

Adequate preparation for your exams is a central necessity for you to excel in your examination. The best ways to study may vary from individual to individual; nevertheless, these approaches can work for every student if effectively applied. First of all, don’t abandon your studies until the last moment. Whereas a number of students seem to succeed in last-minute cramming, to me this is not the most appropriate manner way to approach exams. To help align our time management, design a relevant timetable for your study.

Secondly, write down the number of exams you will be doing as well as the days on which the exams are scheduled. From there, organize your studies accordingly. Depending on your personal ability, you may give some exams some extra study time compare to others, and as such, you will have to find the desirable balance that you will feel comfortable with.  Remember to make sure that you have sufficient space to put your computer, textbooks and other study materials. In addition, ascertain that you got sufficient light, your chair is comfortable and keep your computer games and favorite movies out of sight.

Another study tip for students preparing for their exams that will surely work for you is to try and get rid of any sort of distraction. Enhance your focus through making your surrounding sufficiently comfortable. For some individuals, this may imply almost absolute silence, whereas for others, having some background music will help. You will need everything entirely tidy and organized so as to concentrate. A few people may concentrate while in a more cluttered setting. Simply weigh what can work for you, and utilize it rightly.

In regard to your question on the approach on how to concentrate on study, note that there is no single approach that works the best. Already, I have highlighted some of the ways on how to prepare for exam which still applies when you want to concentrate on your studies. In addition visual aids can be very helpful during revision. At the beginning of every topic, commit yourself to write down all that you know regarding that particular topic, then attempt to pinpoint where gaps are still existing. As the exam approaches, reduce your revision notes into single-page diagrams. Arranging your ideas in this condensed format will help you to hastily recall all that you need to know during exam time.

Kyle Mckinneya year ago

The above answer provides great ideas on the best way to study. It offers extremely helpful tips for a student preparing for an exam. The most significant among them is to establish a quiet spot where you can study without disturbance. Another very effective way to prepare for an exam is to practice revising past questions. This will help you familiarize with exam format and the kind of questions usually asked in exams. Working on past questions can also help you understand the amount of time you will require for each question.

Your siblings and parents don't have to be a nuisance during exam time. You can utilize them to your advantage. Try and explain your answers to questions to them. This practice will help you offset pressure from your head and help gauge the milestone of your understanding as well as
help you highlight areas where you require to work hard.

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