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What is the best way to organize homework?

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Tara Andrews on March 26, 2018

The best way to organize your homework would be get an expandable accordion style folder, a ring of three binder, or the use of folders. You need to find a way that helps you, as there are many ways to do it.

One thing you can do is color code things. If your math book is blue, then use a blue spiral notebook and a blue folder/binder for math cosas.De that way you can take everything you need, even if you are in a hurry.

Also, they have a Task Notebook. Write down all of your tasks in that book every day so that you know exactly what you need to do. A good calendar is useful too - get one of those with large squares to write all your assignment due dates - that way, you can see everything that is due way before time and not falling behind.

When you have too many tasks to do, the best thing to do is prioritize and get the most important things(the things that are worth the most points) is done first and move on from there. It is possible that you want to learn how to manage your time better so you don't get in a time of crisis. If you ABSOLUTELY have TO HAVE it DONE TOMORROW, and it seems there will be enough time, even afeter you've prioritzed, you might consider the possibility and all the night or a (insert percentage) all night, while I do not recommend this method, sometimes you can not avoid.

When I have a lot of tasks, I think the bit you need to do before, because of their maturity date and also that it will not take much time. I don't think that people should have the result in an all-nighter, but what I usually do when I have too much homework for one night is to go to bed reasonably appropriate in all the tasks that you can, and then get up in the morning to finish it. This not only benefits from a dream, but it also means that you are more fresh in the morning and is likely to make a better piece of work.

The best way to organize homework is by using the use of the following elements:
- A notebook for each class
- A planner that has space to write the tasks and the due dates for each class
--The colored pencils or colored pens

The first thing you need to do when organizing your homework is to sort by class. Some people like to have a great task binder for all classes, but maintaining each one separately to each of your notebook, tasks that you do not miss or put in the wrong place by accident.

After, you need to use your agenda to record your assignments. A smart thing to do is to write down everything that you get on Monday and registration for the Monday night, but also the work that must be later in the week, the month or the school year. If you have a long-term assignment, they must ration out the assignment over a period of a week or so, so only a few bits of the assignment at a time. This will prevent you from freaking out the night before its due, because everything you have written is your name. :-)

Last, you need to highlight or underline in colored pen each task with a system. Here is a system that can work for you (you can also use the pen to record instead of underlining):

Highlighted/Underlined in Blue: Short Term
Highlighted/Underlined in Red: Long Term
Highlighted/Underlined in Green: Study for Quiz/Test or Prepare for Presentation

My method is a little unusual. My school offers free of charge to the planners, but I don't really take advantage of them, because it seems to me that keeping everything in one place is annoying. Each class, you have to get your little planner to write down homework, and in high school, the majority of the task is not only the page numbers, but a lot of questions, etc .. So, I have started to copy down the homework as you would at home. For example, in my AP Comparative class, I have around 5 questions each day, so I'm going to write the 5 questions and leave about 4 lines in the middle. For AP Statistics, that in reality is only the page numbers, I just put my column and write in the information that you will need to answer. Then, when I get home, from memory, I can open a "Stickies" app on my Mac dashboard, and just list the topics in which I have the task. Each time you complete a task, I delete the theme from the "stickie."

I know this is long, but it definitely helps me organize and make my task more efficiently!

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