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What is the best way to introduce yourself to a girl you like exactly?

Megan Page

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Megan Page on March 26, 2018

Depending on what you want, there are many ways, but this really depends on if you want to start a conversation, if you want to ask her straight forward, or ask to spend the time. It does not take much, all you need is to have confidence and faith in yourself. -If you want to start a conversation you should say something like "Hello, my name is yatayatayata" "Or hey (Fulfilled)" -If you want to be straight forward and ask him to be like "Hey would you like to go out some time? as in a date?" "Hey can I take you out sometime?" -Finally, if you want to hang out with her just be like "Hey you want to hang out sometime?" does not have to be anything special, but just make SURE that you are alone with her when you ask so just ask her if you can talk with her alone. But I don't want her to feel pressured by all your friends that could increase the chances of her saying no. If you are too afraid to think of it this way If you don't ask her that there is a 0% chance of developing a relationship with her (Which should be your intention) And if she says no that just a bad girl (Say no, without even getting to know you), then what's there to lose? She is not the one for you.

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