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What is the best way for children learn grammar?

Rodney Fox

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1 answer

Amanda Johnson on January 3, 2020

If you mean the best way for children to learn to speak in standardEnglish, in its most is to listen to people talk in standard English. Onoccasion, you can point out to them what Is the right way to saysomething. So that we can understand what is meant by "I ain't seenhim"; but some people do not know what that means, but it wouldunderstand "I haven't seen him." If it is about giving them a better understanding of howsentence structure works from an analytical point of view, that issupposed to come from their English classes in school. Rub offbetter in some than in others. You can also spend some time studying another language andcomparing/contrast the way the two languages work. For example,the have picked up, by habit, the way you use a word sequencewithout think about how it is shaped; it may not be an "aha!", in that moment they see that the French or the Latin or the German uses adifferent way of expressing the same idea.

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