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What is the best strategy to boost self esteem?

I have had low self-esteem since I was an adolescent. I started experiencing impoverished self-worth due to my interaction with my seniors who always felt I was too big to be in school. Having been born in a family where everyone was fat, I never felt as if I had an issue with my body image. I have desired to boost self esteem since then. I believe there are ways to improve self esteem. This is why I keep seeking to know the best way of raising self esteem.

Alexa Spicer

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1 answer

Jodi Brooks on March 16, 2018

I would not say that there is the best way of improving self-esteem. This is because people are different; an element I have come to appreciate over time. Consequently, various strategies would certainly work differently for different people. If keeping a positive mind would work for one person, keeping a supportive relationship would work for the other one. As a result, I would advise that you seek to understand the strategy that works best for you. You would be surprised that what works for your friends may not work for you and vice versa. With the significance of self-awareness, understanding what boosts your self-esteem would be the wise thing to do.

However, I have recommended several strategies to some of my clients, which they found to be helpful. I hope you find them helpful after self-exploration to determine what will help you the best way. The first strategy of boosting self-esteem is avoiding comparison. One thing I noted that caused low self-esteem in most clients was a comparison with other people who are definitely different from them. Human beings are created differently, and they have unique strengths and weaknesses. While each person may have something that the other person lacks, some people may fail to appreciate their gifts that is the reason for their low self-esteem.

The second strategy is always thinking positively. One amazing thing I have come to appreciate is the fact that life will always bring something unpleasant at one point in time. What lowers one’s self-esteem is not the occurrence but how they think about it. For instance, if you were born fat yet interact with friends who are slim, it would take a positive minded person to know that being fat is diversity that makes life beautiful. However, someone else who thinks slimmer counterparts are better than his/her fat ones, would suffer from humiliation and low self-worth. Maintaining a positive mind is not only beneficial but also healthy for everyone. The other strategy that I always recommend for low esteem clients entails listing the strengths and achievements. This exercise helps one to understand the good things about themselves that they can praise and be happy about rather than grumbling about what they haven’t achieved. If you would take time to identify and list the positive things you have accomplished in life, then you will certainly have an excellent way to raise self-esteem as desired.

Kayla Bowen2 years ago

I have a different opinion as self-esteem is a common issue for most people especially adolescents. I believe that they share many things, including the way of thinking; there should be a standard strategy that works excellently for most of them. I know the mind is a strong element of any human being. As a result, utilizing it well can be a solution to the many troubles that adolescents may face. What I have found to be the most amazing thing about the human mind is the possibility of conditioning it in a certain way. For instance, if you need to have positive thoughts, you can train your mind to accommodate the positive thoughts and stop any negative thought that would affect your life. I know many people who have maintained a positive thinking style and have experienced higher self-esteem. Similarly, anyone can raise self-esteem while keeping a positive way of thinking.

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