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What is the best site for a boarding school review?

I would love to enroll my son in a good boarding school. My child’s performance is not good. At all! This is because home is not a good environment for studies. He is always playing computer games and inviting friends over. I feel like a boarding school is the solution.

I hereby, humbly request for a good site for boarding school review. Comparing amongst several schools will ensure I identify the better schools.

I would also like to compare high schools offered online. Therefore, I request for online school reviews.

Kristi Hammond

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1 answer

1 answer

Blair Lewis on March 2, 2018

I agree with your decision to take your son to a boarding school. Boarding school will keep him away from the comfort and niceties that home offers. This will make them focus all their energies on education, which will ensure they reach their full academic potential.

The best boarding school reviews can be found on This site provides original and distinctive insight into junior boarding schools and college-preparatory boarding schools.

This is the only website that provides alumni reviews, comprehensive school profiles and collective tools to parents and students. This saves applicants a great deal of time while looking for a better school.

How Boarding School Review works

This site allows featured schools to update their information here frequently. This ensures data provided to students and parents is current.

Additionally, schools answer queries from this site quite fast. This is through standardized forms.

Information from this site is free of any bias. This ensures that the users make their own choices without any coercing.

Please note that Boarding School Review never provides school rankings.

Below is a review of online schools. Go through it to be able to make comparisons of high schools taught online:


This school offers a fully accredited K-12 online high school. It teaches more than 150 classes in honors and normal programs.

Additionally, it provides AP courses and talent programs.

Most high school graduates from Laurel Springs have been admitted to good colleges in the US. The acceptance rate is a staggering 91%.

School Website:


This provides high school students with advanced, accredited level and adult diploma programs online.

They also offer talented programs and AP courses.

School Website:


This fully certified online high school offers more than 100 courses.

Moreover, it offers AP classes and the Advanced Placement International Diploma track. This is particularly useful to international students keen on pursuing university education in the US.

School Website:


Offers a certified K-12 course with almost 100 courses high school level.

Programs are offered full-time and in an individual course. Additional curriculum to homeschooler curricula is also offered.  

School Website:


This establishment provides fully certified middle and high school curriculum entirely on the internet. It boasts of more than 180 courses for high schoolers.

School Website:

Eric Bates2 years ago

You can also use SAT scores to compare high schools. SAT scores are a good indicator of a student’s academic ability as well as determination to excel.

The SAT scores of a certain high school give us very vital information. High SAT scores show that a school provides top notch learning hence good academic ability. It also tells us that the school emphasizes on SAT practice thus showing us the much needed determination that is expected.

Below are some of the ways you can use to determine a high school’s average SAT Score:

  • Visit the Department of Education website (Please bear in mind that this is for public high schools.)
  • Go to a particular school’s website. (Not all high schools post this.)
  • Contact the school on the same. Do this by visiting, emailing or calling them.
  • On the internet, search “[What is the SAT score of? - High School Name]

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