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What is the best route to Phoenix from Calgary?

Roger Moore

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1 answer

Deborah Edwards on October 25, 2018

To enter HIGHWAY 2 South to the Feet. MacLeod, where we'll be next to on the ROAD 3 (CROWS NEST HIGHWAY) to CANADA and U. S. A. the INPUT PORT of COUTTS across the ROAD 4. . Take HIGHWAY 3 (CROWS NEST HIGHWAY) to Lethbridge where you will EXIT at 43rd St to HIGHWAY 4 to the CANADA, US BORDER, I-15. . Follow the signs to HIGHWAY 4 SOUTH to the CANADA US BORDER, I-15. Take HIGHWAY 4 SOUTH COUTTS, where you are going to cross the border, "Sweetgrass", MONTANA, United States of America (U. S. a-I-15 SOUTH. . Just after the border, continue on I-15 SOUTH through Montana and Idaho to UT-20 to U.S. 89 to PANGUITCH and CIRCLEVILLE. . Offramp turn left onto UT-20 EAST of U.S. 89 to PANGUITCH and CIRCLEVILLE. Take UT-20 EAST of U.S. 89. Turn right at U.S. 89 SOUTH towards PANGUITCH. . Take U.S. 89 SOUTH to I-17 in Flagstaff, ARIZONA, USA. Follow the signs to I-17, then when on I-17, take I-17 South to PHOENIX. . Take I-17 South to Phoenix.

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