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What is the best route from Calgary to Boise?

Kyle Mckinney

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1 answer

Kevin Sutter on October 25, 2018

Take HIGHWAY 2 SOUTH to the COUTTS PORT OF ENTRY. Follow the signs to the Canada and U. S. A. Border and I-15. Specifically, you will be taking HIGHWAY 2 SOUTH to HIGHWAY 3 EAST, then continue on HIGHWAY 3 EAST to HIGHWAY 4 SOUTH to Coutts. . Of the cross, at the border sweetgrass, MONTANA, U. S. A. from COUTTS, Alberta, Canada. When crossing the border, you will be on I-15. . Stay on I-15 SOUTH through Montana to I-86 WEST to CHUBBOCK and TWIN FALLS at EXIT 72 in IDAHO. . Take I-86 WEST to I-84 WEST to TWIN FALLS. . Take I-84 WEST to Boise.

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