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What is the best place to study abroad?

I’ve always been very shy and I think that going to college abroad after I finish high school can help me to become more extroverted. Some of my friends have travelled a lot and they often recommend me to take a trip away from home. But I don’t know what the best places to study abroad are. I want to know how to study abroad because I want to meet new people and other cultures but I want to study too. Maybe one of the top universities in uk would be nice.

Kristi Hammond

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1 answer

Victoria Fowler on June 27, 2018

Shyness is a common characteristic of primary and secondary school students. Many of those students become less shy as time passes by and as they meet new people. However, some of them keep being shy even after going to college. There is nothing wrong with that. Every person has their own personality and it contributes to diversity in the world.

It is true that being away from home can help us become more open to others since it makes us develop social skills by meeting different people and we also develop our creativity to communicate if we do not speak the language of the country we visit.

Among the best places for studying abroad, that also have low tuition fees, there is Malaysia. In 2016, its capital ranked first for affordability in the QS Best Student Cities. Its low living costs and tuition fees are appealing to students who want to study abroad. Malaysia hosts degree-granting campuses of international universities, such as the University of Nottingham (from the United Kingdom) or Monash University (from Australia) (

We also see how studying abroad makes us less shy when we learn to communicate in a foreign language. Nonetheless, it is a process that takes time and some people feel more comfortable studying in their own language. If you feel that is your case, you can go to any of the 40 universities in Taiwan that offer more than 120 courses taught in English. It is another country that has the advantage of having low living costs and, while you study your regular courses in English, you have the option to learn Mandarin.

Any of the top universities in the United Kingdom, like Cambridge, Oxford, St Andrews, London School of Economics and the Imperial College London, is an excellent academic choice. The United Kingdom is one of the best countries to study abroad and, even if you study in your native language, your experience abroad will still be challenging since you will be immersed in a culture different than yours.

The United Kingdom is definitely a good choice since many international students select that country to follow their studies and it would be an opportunity for you to have classmates from all over the world, which is a direct way to learn about other cultures. This cultural diversity and interaction in the best countries for exchange students can also help you overcome shyness. 

Larry Warren2 years ago

In my opinion, it’s hard to make only one list of the best places for studying abroad. There are many important aspects to think about when we want to go to college abroad. Tuition fees are an important aspect. Of course, they’ll say if we can make our dream come true easily or if we’ll need to start looking for scholarships or financial aid. The quality of the education in the country that we choose is important too. After all, we’ll be there to study – in a different place, but we’ll have to study. Nobody will be there to tell us what to do, and it is nice because that’ll make us more responsible and independent. But I think that what matters most is the connection that we have with that place. It’ll be easier if we study in a country that we like or that we want to discover. 

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