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What is the best LSAT study guide?

How will I know the LSAT study guide to follow in order to successfully enroll in my law school of choice? Which one has the best and most informative content that I can truly rely on? Again, is the price pocket friendly and is the LSAT study books available in the local bookstore? How the different study guides have been rated by those who have tackled the exam books before me is also among the issues I need to find out. I have to pass this exam and for this to happen, I want the best guide in my studies.

Ashley Howard

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1 answer

Ross Pratt on February 5, 2018

A law student has to succeed in the Law School Admission Test if he will get admission in the best law school. For this to happen, one has to have a very reliable study guide for LSAT preparation. I have carefully researched and brought you the best study books on LSAT to help you make a wise choice.

The Power Score LSAT Logic Games Bible

This was the first examination book that was specially written About LSAT and it is a best seller at Amazon. The content is over 600 pages and contains detailed concept, instructions, well explained diagrams and a clearly outlined glossary.

Their detailed strategy involves knowing game types plus the correct way to read out the rules, how to make inferences, ways of solving every type of question, a well outlined of all the 28 LSAT logic games and strategies of management.

In addition, one is given access to a special website which contains more materials to add to what is in the book. The website also answers the questions that are frequently asked by students.

The Powerscore LSAT Logical Reasoning Bible

It is the most comprehensive among the LSAT study books in the section of Logical Reasoning. It explains how to solve all logical reasoning queries on LSAT. The content is over 650 pages and has special sections for every type of question, how to manage time, how the questions are answered and in the examination.

Once you buy this book, access is given to a special website which has more content. It also has a section for the questions that students frequently ask.

The LSAT Trainer

This is a special design for students who study on their own and want to pass in the LSAT test book. It gives the students access to more than 200 LSAT official questions and their answers, giving reasons for these answers. The student also gets access to free study plan and notebook organizers.

It does not have a digital version unfortunately.

The Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games Paperback

This book shows the student a special way of handling the hard section of the Logic games of LSAT.

Has a lot of humor and unusual presentation to kill boredom. A one year access to HD explanation video of LSAT games found in the book.

A student also gets a free MyBlueprint account to be able to access more self-study resources.

Leigh Manna year ago

I know how important it is to pass the LSAT exam and this is only possible if we use the right LSAT study guide. This guide must provide clear guidelines on what is expected in the LSAT exam, and also give practical questions and answers from past LSAT examination books. An additional website is also something that a student should look out for because it has more content other than what is in the book. The Fox Test Prep Logical Reasoning Encyclopedia is also another good read. The special thing about buying this book is that you will have direct access to Nathan Fox, the author of the book.

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