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What is the best DePaul study abroad program?

I’m researching my options for going to study abroad. There are many offers including universities and independent courses alike. However, I’m inclined to choose accredited establishments. What can you say about DePaul study abroad programs? Are they worth attention? Won’t I regret this decision in the future? What study abroad graduate programs can you advise me? If you are not sure about DePaul offers or have tried something else, what other universities with study abroad programs do you know? Can you suggest a few popular destinations that have both good universities and great people around?

I hope to get comprehensive answers.

Brandon Scott

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1 answer

1 answer

Chelsea Hayes on May 4, 2018

Global engagement is an important matter for DePaul University. This establishment provides a wide range of programs for its students. They vary in prices, duration, destination, and so on. The official DePaul website currently suggests the following programs: Its connections reach all regions of the world. You can choose mysterious Asia for its fascination traditions, Europe for its history and arts, South America for its warm climate, Australia for its nature, and many other locations. I’m sure that you can find something special in any country you visit. Often, even more than one aspect fascinates you. In addition, there are those diverse languages that are hard but very interested to learn. Traveling the world, you can develop your language skills, meet new interesting people, and get to know other cultures. DePaul abroad studies include so many countries that you haven’t even imagined visiting some of them.

In case you find some non-DePaul program, the university is ready to transfer the credit to your degree if it meant certain demands. If you choose this approach, you have to fill in this online application: Your deadlines are October 15 for a spring semester and May 1 for summer, fall, and a full year programs. They are quite standard for this kind of deals.

Of course, you can find another university with study abroad programs, but I don’t see the point in it if your such great choice in DePaul. Besides, there some offer for financial aid as well here. As it is common, the abroad study price varies. Sometimes, it is rather big. Some offers will not cost you a lot of money. So, you have to look carefully at the papers and check what is included in your program fee. Besides, remember that you have to think about financing not only your program but your daily need and accommodation as well. Fortunately, if you have a regular scholarship, you can transfer it to your abroad studies. Of course, additional scholarships will be useful for you as well. Here is a page dedicated to your problem:

As for study abroad programs for graduates, they are present, though the number is significantly lower than for the undergraduates. Considering the general number of students and their division, it is not surprising to see graduate get fewer chances. Also, if you want to can browse through these fellowships and see if you can find something useful.

Ronald Millera year ago

I’d like to add a useful study abroad checklist - 

This is a useful guideline for everybody considering DePaul study abroad programs. There are even tips for those people choosing an outside program. It tells you what to look for, what goals to set, and what costs to consider.

Then, it lists those applications that you need to complete and gives you links to them.

There are a few words about your stay in another country. Though, I think that could’ve written more tips on what to expect and how to behave.

You will also find their instructions on what to do once your return home. It is an obligatory requirement to save you study transcript and submit it to the Study Abroad Office. You have to visit your advisor as well. Then, if you still have any answers, they may help you find a solution. 

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