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What is the best API study abroad location?

The huge variety of API study abroad programs confuses me. What country do I choose? What college do I apply to? Should I go to study abroad in Spain? Or Germany? I’m a little bit unsure what criteria to implements when you are choosing the place to study? I know that API will offer me only the best establishments in any place I choose. I’m not worried the quality of courses. Besides, the knowledge we gain there largely depends on ourselves. So, I’m looking for your advice. Maybe you have traveled somewhere before or you know the best universities in UK or some other popular student destination.

Samantha Barber

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1 answer

Jennifer Patterson on June 13, 2018

Academic Programs International is an initiative that helps thousands of young people to broaden their knowledge of the world every year. I have many friends traveling to study abroad with the program. I’ve chosen it myself back in the days. And I’m not disappointed at all. I can remember only the positive things about my trip. Of course, there will always be some challenges when living in another country, especially when you are not fluent in its language. However, such experience teaches us you be independent and think quickly.

There are many popular student destinations covered by API. The most widespread lists of them have a country for any taste. Just look at this list - It includes everything you may need from misty England to sunny Costa Rica. However, these 10 countries are not the only choice you have. Just imagine a place on Earth and will probably find some kind of courses to study there.

Many people today choose Australia for their API studies abroad. The country’s system of education is well-developed and funded. The location is especially popular among the students from Commonwealth. The place combines exotic nature, sandy beaches, and high-class colleges. What else do you need?

Well, if you need something more or different, you can choose an Eastern country. China, Japan, and South Korea are three top destinations for people who want to experience a completely new culture. Though the languages are not easy, you will be presented with a unique opportunity to dive into them and boost your skills. Even if you are going there for a short time, it will be a great asset to your knowledge.

Speaking of Spain study abroad programs, you have some very appealing options here. The climate is warm but not as hot as in Australia. You also have many resorts and all kinds of entertainment. The local nature is magnificent and the educational establishments are decent. Besides, Spanish if one of the most widespread languages in the world and you will benefit greatly from learning it. It is as hard to learn as you would imagine, especially living in the country of native speakers.

As you probably know, the top UK universities are Cambridge and Oxford. You can also add the University of S. Andrews, London School of Economics and Political Science, and Imperial College London to the list. All of them are highly-valued all around the world. Attending any of them will provide you multiple career choices in the future. 

Kurt Pricea year ago

I agree, those top UK universities are great for people who want to build a successful career. Their names alone will tell your future employers that you are a great expert and have learned from the best of the best. They are also considered to among the top international universities.

I think that the UK is a great option. However, you must take into account your tastes. What climate do you prefer? Not all people would be satisfied with the UK one. And, also, not people want to live in hot Australia. Maybe, you should choose something with a mild climate and gradual season changes. Of course, it also depends on the time of a year you choose to go study abroad.

In addition, pay attention to the local language and dialect. Will you be able to understand people? 

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