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What is the authors message in Eragon?

Cynthia Baker

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1 answer

Theresa Perry on June 21, 2019

eragon is just a name of the main character. Eragon of the same name, is the first Pilot and the-that-has-brought-peace-to-the-dragon-war. I think that Christopher Paolini got the name of 'Eragon' from the word 'Dragon', and is also a name "Aragorn", then I think he just came up with eragon. I'm not the genius who came up with the name and history so ask paolini if you want to get more information! I think you mean the moral of the story? I thought it was more about how their future can always change and that Eragon, which was a small farm boy in the beginning became a dragon rider and rebelled against an entire empire

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