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What is the area of triangle QRS? Download png

Brandon Scott

in Mathematics

1 answer

1 answer

Mindee Nelson on July 22, 2018

To delineate a rectangle around the triangle SQR, as shown in the figure, we see that the rectangle has dimensions of 3 by 6, so its area is 18 square units.We can also see that the area between the rectangle and the triangle SQR consists of 3 triangles rectangles with dimensions of 2 by 3; 6 for 2, and 1-for-4.The area of there 3 triangles is (2*3)/2 + (6*2)/2 +(1*4)/2 = 3+6+2=11. Therefore, the area of the triangle is what's left of the elimination of the areas of the 3 triangles that surround from the area of the rectangle:A(SQR)=18-11=7 (square units).Answer: 7 square units

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