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What is the application deadline for Stanford?

Ideally, I’d like to know an application deadline for the spring term. However, I understand that I might have missed the terms and would be glad to apply for any term available. I’m an undergraduate, so I’m looking for the corresponding Stanford admissions. As far as I understand, the Stanford application process is just the same as other schools have.

Mindee Nelson

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1 answer

Heather Maxwell on August 8, 2018

Well, I wouldn’t say that the admissions at Stanford are just the same as in other universities. They may be similar to other Ivy League schools, but the rules are stricter there. The committee requires a lot of efforts on your part to see how ready you are for the university. Alongside the standard set of documents, you have to do a bit of writing. This is a common trait of all prestige establishments. There is one document that influences your success to the same level as test scores. This is a personal letter that will introduce you to the committee. It’s crucial to make a good first impression in the letter you create.

Generally, there are three criteria according to which you’ll be evaluated. Academic excellence is the main factor that influences the results in all schools. You have to prove your knowledge in order to become a part of the elite. Even in a regular establishment, the administration would want the brightest students among their midst. There is also intellectual vitality that is considered alongside excellence. Your commitment, dedication, and ambitions all matter to the representatives of the Stanford University. They just want to see how enthusiastic you are about your studies. At last, there is the personal context that judges your character and personal circumstances that may play in your favor. Let’s say you had a difficult childhood and stayed strong and strived to achieve success? This is a great example that shows a strong will of a person.

Now, let’s return to the application for Stanford. The official application form is a standard one. It has to be submitted online which is great news for everybody living far away from the campus. Luckily, the university has early action admissions. Personally, I like this kind of offer the most.

The deadlines for applications are the following: November 1 for early action, January 2 for the standard one. The decision will be released by April for the regular admission and by December 15 for the early one. There is also one more deadline every applicant has to know. The final reply date is May 1 for everybody.

Ronald Miller10 months ago

I think you’ve missed the transfer application deadline. It may not be as relevant as the regular freshman, there are enough students who transfer to Stanford as well. So, I want to include this list as well.

The application deadline is March 15. Then, you have till April to submit all your documents and correct any mistakes. By May 15, students already know their decision and have to send a reply by June 1. But who will submit a Stanford application just to refuse the offer in the end?

Charles McAlear10 months ago

Yes, I like the early action offer as well. Many people already know where they wish to study before even starting their senior high school year. Besides, people don’t apply to Stanford just because they cannot decide where to go either. This is the place of ambitious students who know what they want. Each year at school, I’ve heard about many students applying for Stanford early and getting their place. When the time came, I did the same.

People should also know that early Stanford admissions may result in three possible responses. The first of the basic one—you are accepted and have to send your reply by May 1. You don’t pass and cannot reapply this year. You are sent to the regular application line and will receive your answer later. This is a rare occasion, but it also can happen.

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