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What is the alternative to a dental implant?

Samantha Barber

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Megan Page on January 10, 2019

Some dentists are offering alternative options and minimallyinvasive techniques for dental implants. Following is a summary of some alternative methods for placedental implants. 1. Immediate Loading of Dental Implants - I t also called "the same dayimplants" and "teeth in a day" allow the placement of a temporarytooth (crown) during the same dental appointment implantplacement. 2. Mini dental implants - sometimes referred to as smalldiameter, or reduce the diameter of the implants, which are smaller than themost commonly used sizes of dental implants. M ini implants areplaced through less invasive techniques and measure less than 3millimeters in diameter. 3. All-on-4 concept involves the placement of implants in availablebone, thus avoiding the need for bone grafting. Four dentalimplants are used to stabilize the replacement teeth.

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