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What is the advantage of studying in an online school such as The Virtual Learning Centre?

My son is quite adamant about switching to online education and has mentioned The Virtual Learning Centre as one of his considerations. I’m, on the other hand, worried and skeptical of his future in regards to career and fulfillment. He says that he doesn’t like going to school and would like to do online school courses at home.  His performance is good, so I don’t get why he can’t persevere. I’d like to know the benefits of online learning that I should consider before I make a decision.

Ashley Howard

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1 answer

Kaitlin Dean on May 2, 2018

You are right to get worried. As much as I am the biggest supporter of online high school courses, due diligence is vital in your selection. The challenges that online education faces are the lack of knowledge on how it works, its benefits and proper selection. Though 90% of people these days are tech savvy, having a smartphone and perhaps a computer, not many people are ready to incorporate the internet in serious learning.

Plus, younger people are more likely to accept and adjust to changes in the environment around them. With online learning having started a few years ago and looking at how it has penetrated now, you can predict the level of impact it will have in let us say the next ten years.

Anyway, before I get ahead of myself, let us examine the benefits of learning online:

  • Lessons can be repeated as often as the learner wishes to: unlike the traditional class where once a lesson is completed you cannot repeat it, you can repeat an online class as often as you would wish. This feature is especially beneficial to students who find particular topics or subjects challenging. Hence, they can go through each lesson until they understand it well. Such a benefit is not available to students in a traditional classroom.
  • Learners have lifelong access to course including their updates: once you have paid for a course in a virtual center for learning, you get to access it as long as the center exists. Therefore, when the course is updated you can get to learn about the new features too.
  • Learning is self-paced: online learning doesn’t rush the student to keep up with the rest of the class. You move on to the next topic once you are sure that you have understood the previous one. On the other hand, brighter students can move faster along the areas they find easy. Therefore, they don’t have to get bored waiting for the rest of the class or attend lessons they already understand.
  • It has lower costs than traditional school: the cost of running online courses is significantly lower than in-person classroom lessons. Therefore, the cost that trickles down to the students is also lower. Incredibly, there are free courses coming up every day.
  • Quick lesson delivery: in online education, dissemination of information is much faster than in a ‘real’ classroom. Therefore, he will save time studying online.

Roger Moore2 years ago

While there seem to be many benefits of online learning, I would like to bring to your attention some disadvantages of the same. Below are some of them:

There is a tendency of students to lack self-discipline. There is too much freedom when it comes to online learning. While the idea of self-paced learning may seem ideal, it may result in no learning at all. Students in actual campuses get to study due to some reasons. These may include; fellow students motivate them; they fear the lectures’ reprimand after missing classes, and so on. In online learning, none of these apply. Therefore, students tend to take their studies too lightly resulting in an inefficient learning process.

There is no face-to-face interaction resulting in less efficient study sessions. Students tend to gain more when they can interact with their educators on a more personal level. Online learning restricts this essential interaction.

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